Celebrated video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto explains why Nintendo has been hesitant to reveal any information about its upcoming Nintendo NX console.

Many gamers assumed that Nintendo would bring Nintendo NX to E3 2016, especially with the console set to launch in less than a year’s time. However, E3 came and went with virtually no mention of Nintendo NX, and no indication of when the device will be shown. Fans shouldn’t worry, though, because according to legendary Nintendo game developer Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s secrecy about the NX is a strategic decision.

“In terms of NX, there’s an idea we’re working on,” Miyamoto explained. It seems as though this “idea” for NX is why the device is being kept secret, perhaps in fear of companies like Microsoft and Sony of copying it. By waiting longer to unveil NX, that gives Nintendo’s competitors less time to ape its features before the console’s launch in March 2017.

What this idea is remains a mystery, but Miyamoto said that NX wasn’t just an advancement in technology, which could be a hint that it will have some unique gimmick to set itself apart from PS4 and Xbox One. It’s hard to say definitively what this gimmick could be, but some leaks and patents may offer some clues.

Nintendo NX Logo

For example, Nintendo filed a patent for an oval-shaped game controller, complete with both a touchscreen as well as traditional face buttons. Based on the designs in the patent, it seems like this controller would essentially function like a smaller version of the Wii U’s GamePad.

However, Wii U is a sales failure, with its 12.8 million units sold paling in comparison to the 101.63 million units sold by its predecessor. Considering this, Nintendo may want to avoid drawing comparisons between Wii U and NX, especially if it is counting on NX to turn around its recent misfortunes in the console market.

So, when exactly can fans expect to see NX and its secret feature? Well, there are a few more major gaming events scheduled to take place in 2016, such as Gamescom in August and Tokyo Game Show in September, both of which could give NX a proper platform for its reveal. Alternatively, Nintendo may opt to unveil the hardware in a special Nintendo Direct, or its own, privately-hosted press conference. Whatever the case may be, if Nintendo is still planning to launch NX next March, fans should expect to see it in some form before the year is out.

Nintendo NX will be available in March 2017.

Source: Associated Press

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