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Nintendo NX Hardware Rumors - Gamepad

Two more reputable online rumormongers are sharing hardware details for Nintendo's upcoming console release, the NX, including that it may be region free.

Nintendo continues to hold off on announcing any official details for its upcoming console, the Nintendo NX. Yet there's no ship so watertight it can withhold this many leaking rumors. With development kits reportedly in the hands of various studios, it was only a matter of time before someone talked to the press. Recent leaks have painted a pretty interesting picture of what the Nintendo NX will look like, but now details are surfacing as to more specific hardware details. Could the NX be region free?

Two different reputable online rumor mongers, Emily Rogers of ArcadeGirl64 and Laura Dale of Let's Play Video Games are each citing multiple sources from within the development community with these details. Not surprisingly, their sources are providing very similar information regarding the Nintendo NX hardware, with some specific notable differences. It should also be said that by "hardware," they don't mean CPU, GPU, or RAM – those details are likely still being finalized and kept secret by Nintendo.

A lot of the rumored specs should already be known to those following the Nintendo NX, like the square tablet design and its two detachable controllers on each side. Now let's get more specific. Here are the details which Emily Rogers says have confirmed by both her own and Laura's multiple sources:

  • Screen Size is 6.2 inches
  • Portable Screen 720p
  • Multi-Touch Touchscreen
  • 32 GB Internal Storage
  • SD Card Port
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Region Free

Some of these points are specifically noted as potentially not final. For instance, the 32 GB of storage could grow to 64 GB or there could be more or less USB ports on the final hardware. Also, both note that the NX is below the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in raw power, which is notable despite not being particularly specific.

Nintendo NX Hardware Rumors

Now for the differences which both Emily and Laura note occurs depending on the source. For one, there's talk about a "Sharing" or "Social" button now on the left controller of the NX. Only Emily asked their source about this button, but Laura's sketches seems to corroborate it. Then there's the location of the joystick and face buttons on the right controller. Some sources say the joystick is above the face buttons, some say below. It's unclear if there was some confusion, or perhaps Nintendo is testing both configurations with developers.

Luckily it won't be too long (hopefully) before Nintendo steps forward and announces the Nintendo NX officially. Still, some of these details are absolutely exciting for longtime fans. For instance, the region free news will likely be glossed over in an official press release, if it's true at least. It's fun to speculate and take in all the rumors until then, at least.

Nintendo will hold a 3DS-focused Direct event tomorrow, September 1. The Nintendo NX is rumored to be revealed during the mid-September Tokyo Games Show, with a full launch as early as March 2017.

Source: ArcadeGirl64, Let's Play Video Games

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