Unspecified sources reveal new information on Nintendo NX, stating the device is a handheld with detachable controllers, and is less powerful than PlayStation 4.

Fans are still waiting to see the Nintendo NX for themselves, but online publication Eurogamer has apparently got the early scoop from unspecified sources. Eurogamer’s sources have potentially revealed some very surprising details about the Nintendo NX, stating that the system is a “high-powered handheld console” with its own screen, but also comes with a docking station that allows it to be played on a TV.

Apparently, players are able to play the console as they would any other handheld system, but with a twist. Nintendo NX will feature two detachable controllers on either side of it, and the screen can be set up to allow for local multiplayer on the go. This is the most surprising feature suggested by Eurogamer’s sources, and could be what Shigeru Miyamoto was referring to when he said that the console had a mystery “idea” he didn’t want the competition to steal.

Since NX is designed to be played anywhere, all its processing power is inside the handheld. As a result, it seems as though Nintendo has had to skimp on power, with sources claiming the Nintendo NX is less powerful than PlayStation 4, despite previous rumors to the contrary.

Nintendo Patents Handheld Device; Could it Be for NX? - Nintendo NX logo

While this leaked Nintendo NX info puts some previous rumors to bed, it also corroborates others, like the rumor that the console will use cartridges. Reports indicate that the NX’s cartridges will be 32GB, but the console will support digital downloads as well, which could allow for the release of larger games on the platform.

Of course, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt until Nintendo reveals the console itself. While we still aren’t exactly sure when that will be, Eurogamer’s sources claim that Nintendo will be unveiling NX in September to prepare consumers for its March 2017 launch. During the unveiling, Nintendo will push the idea of “playing games on the go” as the main selling point for NX, but it remains to be seen if that will be enough to sell the hardware to skeptics.

Overall, this leaked information makes the Nintendo NX sound like an experimental console in the vein of Wii and Wii U. Fans have been vocal about their discontent with Nintendo’s experimental consoles in recent years, with Wii U’s abysmal sales reflecting that sentiment. However, Nintendo has defied the odds before, and if it has enough quality software available on NX, it could be an experimental gamble that pays off.

Nintendo NX will be available in March of 2017.

Source: Eurogamer

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