As some predicted, the rumored Nintendo NX controller images are confirmed as fake, with the person responsible for the photos showing how they were created in Photoshop.

While much has been said about the Nintendo NX in the last few months, specifically about the rumored controller, those rumors will soon shift gears. Today, the individual who first posted images of the Nintendo NX controller confirmed they are fake.

In a video posted to YouTube, the “prankster” walks viewers through his/her process of creating the image. Essentially, they took some basic renders from other sources, stitched them together with a little Photoshop magic, and voila, the fake image was born.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the first fake is the only one featured in the video, which begs the question where the other one came from. While some could see some artificiality in the first image, the second NX controller image seemed a lot more legitimate.

Even though the images in question fell in line with prior patents filed by Nintendo, many had their doubts about the images’ legitimacy. After the Nintendo Wii U failed to catch fire like its predecessor, few could imagine a scenario where Nintendo would double down on a touch screen based controller interface. Moreover, the design of the controller looked both cumbersome and unintuitive, design qualities that Nintendo tends to shy away from.

If nothing else, the fake controller brought forth a lot of questions about the mysterious Nintendo NX, namely which type of approach it might have. Rumors have run the gamut from the console boasting a handheld and home console component to it launching with the new Legend of Zelda. But just like the controller, the rumors will remain so for the time being.

All we know for sure is that Nintendo would be smart to reveal the console at E3 2016; that is, if it plans on releasing the NX within the next 16 months or so. As Nintendo has likely learned, it’s important to get a console in front of the public as soon as possible to feel out their reception – that way, the company can pivot if need be. The Wii U, for example, was practically doomed out of the gate, with a name that many snickered at and a controller that both developers and users failed to see the utility in.

So, there you have it, a lot of pomp and circumstance for nothing. As is the case with the industry, there are plenty of leaks that are legitimate and even more that are simply the work of creative pranksters. Somewhere out there is a real Nintendo NX controller, or at least a console dev kit, but the images pored over the last few months are not it.

Source: Go Nintendo

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