Nintendo NX Console Will Skip E3 2016

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Nintendo announces that the next Nintendo console, codenamed NX, will not be coming to E3 2016 as originally expected, but the company did divulge a new release window.

Unfortunately for Nintendo, Wii U hasn't been the smashing sales success the company had hoped for following the immense popularity of its predecessor, the Wii. While rumors indicated that Nintendo was leaving the system behind amid an increasing software drought, many fans believed that Nintendo is getting ready to pull back the curtain on its next piece of hardware known as the NX. Predictions and rumors have been circulating that the wait for NX news would finally come to an end in June at the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo but it appears Nintendo has other ideas.

Tokyo tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki confirmed in a tweet that Nintendo has opted to not reveal the NX console at this years E3 show, instead to devote time and effort on the latest Legend of Zelda title instead. There has been a massive amount of speculation surrounding this console as to what it will be and what it won't be, so many were hoping for answers at the show.


While the news is no doubt disappointing for many who were curious to see what Nintendo has been working on, especially with so many fake controller prototypes hitting the web lately, it's more than likely that Nintendo could devote an entire Nintendo Direct to the NX. It's a procedure they've done before to highlight major software releases such as Super Smash Bros or Bayonetta 2 to name a few.


Alternatively, Nintendo could opt to reveal the new piece of hardware at a different show like Gamescom or Tokyo Games Show, which would essentially be in its backyard. Being a Japanese company, it's still very popular there so it's entirely possibly the company would opt to tap into that fandom for its next big hardware release.

This news follows the reveal that the highly anticipated Legend of Zelda Wii U title is no longer releasing in 2016. Unfortunately for many fans, the wait has grown once again as the title to allow the team to further improve the quality levels.  The Legend of Zelda is now scheduled for release in 2017 and, as many predicted, will be launching simultaneously on the Nintendo NX console as well as the Wii U. Nintendo also revealed that the NX is scheduled to globally launch sometime in March 2017, which also debunks a number of theories predicting a 2016 launch.

Are you a bit disappointed by what Nintendo confirmed today? Do you think Nintendo has any surprises to make up for what looks to be a very light 2016 software lineup? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

Source: Takashi Mochizuki Twitter

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