New Nintendo NX Report Also Claims Console Will Use Cartridges


A new report from the Wall Street Journal claims the Nintendo NX will use cartridges instead of discs because of the many benefits cartridges provide gamers.

There has been a lot of talk going around about how the upcoming Nintendo NX will work. Rumors have circulated concerning detachable controllers, a portable 720p multi-touch screen, 32 GB internal storage, and the use of game cartridges. Concerning this last point, it looks like some additional sources have surfaced confirming the use of game cartridges with the Nintendo NX.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “people familiar with the matter” have confirmed that the Nintendo NX will pass on discs, and use cartridges similar to the Nintendo 3DS.

Opting for cartridges over discs seems like an interesting choice considering how different the two formats are. Discs currently used by Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can hold up to 50 GB of data, with some games requiring additional data be downloaded directly to the console via the Internet. To date, cartridges haven’t yet met that standard, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, considering how much data can fit on a single SD card these days, it may not be too much of a stretch to think that cartridges could actually outperform discs.

There are also quite a few benefits to Nintendo using cartridges instead of discs. Cartridges load faster, they’re harder to copy, they can be mass-produced faster, and they don’t get damaged as easily. Considering these new cartridges will be far more like the 3DS cartridges of today than those of the NES and Nintendo 64, modern cartridges could also be more mobile than discs, which could be beneficial if the NX turns out to be a hybrid current-gen, handheld gaming device.

Nintendo has yet to comment on whether the NX uses cartridges, or many other rumors, despite the release date set for a mere six months away. It’s likely the gaming giant is waiting for the current fall gaming excitement to die down before building hype for the new console. Hopefully Nintendo will be releasing additional details soon, including console specs and design information.

It’ll be interesting to see how Nintendo’s strategy plays out with the Nintendo NX. The Wii U struggled against the more powerful PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and with the new upgraded Sony and Microsoft consoles releasing now and in the near future, Nintendo may find itself still lagging behind. Hopefully the NX’s initial lineup of games will help garner interest and excitement for the console, otherwise it may turn out to be a bust for Nintendo.

What do you think about the Nintendo NX using cartridges? Is it a smart move by Nintendo?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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