Analysts in Japan suggest that more information on Nintendo’s NX console will hit as early as March, ahead of a full scale launch by October or November of this year.

It’s been almost a year since Nintendo officially announced that its next generation NX console is under active development. However, since then the company hasn’t given all too many updates on what exactly is going on behind the scenes — but that could all change over the next couple of months.

A report from Japanese investment banking company Nomura Securities suggests that Nintendo could announce the concept behind the console as early as March. The firm goes on to state that its expectation is that we’ll see a full reveal of the system in June, which would almost certainly take place at E3.

The timeline that Nomura Securities is putting forward ends with the launch of the NX in October or November of 2016. While it’s important to stress that this information is coming from analysts rather than Nintendo, it’s not too difficult to imagine that this will indeed be the schedule that leads to the release of the console.

This strategy certainly falls in line with Nintendo’s previous home console effort; the Wii U was announced in April of 2011, ahead of a worldwide release kicking off in November of 2012. If the NX were to release in late 2016, then a similar period of around eighteen months would have elapsed since it was announced.

Such a schedule would necessitate a strong showing for the console at this year’s E3. A full scale release before the end of 2016 is certainly possible, but Nintendo will need to promote a compelling launch line-up — not to mention the actual name of the system — well ahead of time.

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The other intriguing part of Nomura Securities’ prediction is the idea of Nintendo announcing the vision behind their new console as soon as March. Ever since the Gamecube failed to meet sales expectations, the company has taken a lateral approach to competing with rivals Sony and Microsoft.

Hardware ranging from the Wii to the 3DS has all possessed a unique quality that makes up for any limitations in terms of horsepower. There’s plenty of speculation that the NX will take up a similar tact, but we still don’t know exactly how it will attempt to compete.

There are still plenty of questions surrounding the next home console from Nintendo. If the company is indeed targeting a 2016 release, which seems to be assumed by the likes of Nomura Securities, we’re bound to start receiving some answers sooner rather than later.

Source: VG247

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