Nintendo's 2016 Includes NX, Anime, and Mobile

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima reveals Nintendo's plans for 2016, which include the reveal of the Nintendo NX, anime TV shows, and mobile gaming apps.

Ever since Satoru Iwata's untimely passing, all eyes have been on Nintendo to see which direction the company will take in his absence. Nintendo's new president Tatsumi Kimishima hasn't made any big moves since earning the position last year, but he has now laid out Nintendo's plans for 2016.

First of all, Kimishima made reference to the Nintendo NX, which will be the first console to launch under his leadership. Kimishima reaffirmed that the NX will be revealed this year, but stopped short of confirming the rumors of a planned 2016 launch. Latest rumors peg the Nintendo NX for release as early as this coming summer, but if that were true, it seems as though more details on the console would be available at this point.

Besides traditional console gaming, Kimishima also focused on other ways that Nintendo is looking to rake in some cash in 2016. One such method will be producing anime based on some of their beloved characters. Kimishima made no mention of other potential TV projects, such as the rumored Legend of Zelda live-action Netflix series, and also didn't mention which characters will be receiving anime TV shows.

Another way that Nintendo is going to break away from its usual console gaming practices is by exploring the mobile market. This is something that analysts have been wanting Nintendo to do for years, as it has potential to make big bucks for the Big N. Kimishima touched on Nintendo's mobile plans for 2016, stating that Nintendo's first major mobile app is scheduled to launch in March.

Pokemon Go Charizard

Unfortunately, Kimishima didn't specify which of Nintendo's announced mobile apps will be releasing in March. The most likely possibility is the Miitomo mobile app, which was announced late last year. However, if Nintendo really wants to kick off their mobile gaming ventures with a bang, it would behoove them to consider starting with a different app, such as Pokemon Go or something starring Mario.

Between Nintendo's usual console gaming offerings, the planned anime TV shows, and the mobile apps, Kimishima is expecting the company to turn a huge profit over the next few years. Kimishima wants to raise Nintendo's annual profits to $855 million, which is up significantly from the $208 million profit the company posted last May. Time will tell if Nintendo meets its goal under Kimishima's leadership, and it will certainly be interesting to see it all play out.

What do you think of Nintendo's 2016 plans? Are you excited to learn more about the Nintendo NX? Which Nintendo characters would you most like to see in an anime TV series? Do you plan on picking up any of the company's mobile games? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts on Nintendo's future, and president Kimishima's plans.

Source: IGN

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