Gamer Creates Working NES Console out of Toaster

With the Nintendo NES Classic having been discontinued last month despite being in high demand, many fans of the Kyoto-based company are still trying to secure themselves a unique blast from the past. While having an HDMI-capable NES is all the rage right now, one talented fan went against the grain and decided to re-purpose his existing Nintendo Entertainment System into something more unique. reddit user MrBananaHump accomplished his task with gusto using nothing but sheer technical prowess, an old NES, and a toaster.

Lovingly titled the 'Nintoaster', this unconventional game console is actually not the first of its kind: it turns out that the creative Redditor was inspired by a YouTuber named Vomitsaw who had accomplished the same task several years ago, who in turn was inspired by popular YouTuber Angry Video Game Nerd. Strangely, this isn't even the first cooking apparatus Sir Banana Hump has turned into an NES console, as he'd already experimented with an Easy Bake Oven prior to this project.

As fans can see, the functional NES has slots for the standard A/V outputs, and space for one cartridge which sits in a baking tray like a piece of toast. While the second tray actually plays host to the power and reset buttons, a second option for turning the unit on also exists in the form of the toaster's lever. There's also a red LED inside the unit that fills the interior with a solid glow, making it look like the toaster is cooking away while gamers enjoy some Super Mario Bros.

The interior of the toaster is packed pretty tightly, mostly due to the fact that MrBananaHump stuffed in a tiny mountain of speaker wire and extra cabling for his power adapter. The creative assembler also took the time to create a visual guide explaining the keys to his project for others to examine, meaning more fan-made toasters could be on the way soon. In any event, this atypical do-it-yourself project seems to have caught the interest of the masses, with the original DIY thread on Reddit garnering over 10,000 upvotes from curious fans.

The creator of this snazzy-looking Nintoaster won't stop here, and has already stated that a friend has given him an SNES and a chrome toaster for his next project. If this becomes a common thing, it's clear that Mr. BananaHump could be raking in the dough from his toaster-based side projects.

What do you think about this Do-It-Yourself Nintendo Toaster, Ranters?

Source: Reddit

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