Nintendo NES Classic Hits eBay with $1000 Price Tag

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As the Nintendo NES Classic releases to high consumer demand, desperate gamers are paying several hundred dollars for the console on websites like eBay.

It was almost a quarter of a year ago that Nintendo announced the NES Classic out of the blue, wowing gamers with its nostalgic reproduction of one of the world's most iconic consoles. Sporting new HDMI functionality and 30 pre-installed NES titles, the affordable retro console made its way to store shelves around the world this morning, prompting a mad dash for gamers to pick up the NES Classic before it sold out.

As many had expected, the supply and demand for the Nintendo NES Classic seems to be very imbalanced, and many gamers found themselves unable to pick up an NES Classic before the devices were all sold out. Many brick and mortar retailers like Best Buy and GameStop limited customers to only buying one of the consoles at a time, but with many stores reportedly getting less than a handful of consoles in the first place, this made little difference. As a result of shortage, many gamers have taken to eBay in order to secure their own NES Classic, resulting in the price of the console skyrocketing from its intended $59.99 USD all the way up to $1,000 online.


Fortunately, not every eBay listing featuring a Nintendo NES Classic is price gouging Nintendo fans into the four digit territory. There are many listings from $200 and up, and while it's much better than laying down a grand for the console, it's not exactly close to the recommended retail price, either. Some Nintendo gamers have posted online that Nintendo should have produced many more consoles to match consumer demand, and we do have to admit that the entire situation feels awfully familiar to those who have hunted down rare Amiibo. According to the numerous eBay listings, the most someone has shelled out for one of the consoles so far today is $500 - almost five times above the recommended retail price.

Nintendo undoubtedly received many comments about how hard it was to get an NES Classic, which prompted the company to confirm that a second wave of consoles was already under production. According to the Big N, this second wave should be ready in the next few weeks. That leaves things pretty tight for those looking to pick up an NES Classic in time for the holiday season, so Nintendo fans who weren't able to buy the console yet should keep an eye on both stores and unofficial auctions, provided they're willing to shell out the extra crash for the high price of nostalgia.

The Nintendo NES Classic is available in stores everywhere now, although evidently in limited numbers.

Source: Polygon

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