crashes as gamers around the world rush to the site in an attempt to purchase the NES Classic Edition, leaving many gamers frustrated and without a console.

Earlier this year Nintendo brought great excitement to gamers around the world when it announced the NES Classic Edition, a small NES console with 30 digital NES games installed. If hype for the console wasn’t already high, Nintendo revealed the device would be available for only $60, the same cost as a current-generation console game.

Despite the console being locked to the original 30 games, gamers rushed to online stores like Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon to claim an NES Classic Edition for themselves. Traffic was so high to Amazon in particular that it seemingly crashed the website for a time on Friday.

One Twitter user, Seth G. Macy, managed to capture a screenshot of the Amazon homepage during the crash, as can be seen below.

Not even joking. NES Classic killed Amazon. This is the homepage right now.— Seth G. Macy (@sethmacy) November 11, 2016

The NES Classic Edition went on sale on Friday at 2:00 p.m. PT, which is about the time Amazon crashed. Unfortunately, this meant many of those looking to pick up the console were unable to do so. In fact, many Amazon customers have taken to the NES Classic Edition’s review section to voice their frustrations with the current situation.

“Truly a farce of epic proportions,” one reviewer says. Others are sharing their frustration about getting a console in their cart, only to be unable to complete the purchase. Some are pointing out how many people who were able to get a purchase through have already started reselling the consoles online for $250 to $400 each, well above the original $60 price. Some owners are asking a whopping $1,000 for the device.

When Nintendo first announced the product, it made clear that the console would be available in limited quantities. However, it seems those limited quantities were far more limited than many people were expecting. While Nintendo hasn’t confirmed when additional orders might appear, the company is aware of the launch shortage and will work to get more out as soon as possible, hopefully before the holidays.

nes classic edition trailer

Lines at many GameStop stores were out the door on Friday, with excitement for the console well above even many current-gen highly-anticipated titles. Additionally, sales on online retail stores are sold out, just as they are on Amazon. At this point, purchasing a console at a heavily inflated price may be the only way some gamers get a console in time for the holidays.

With the success of the NES Classic Edition, many gamers are hoping Nintendo will also release a Super Nintendo mini and N64 mini. If that’s the case, hopefully Nintendo has learned its lesson and will prepare accordingly. Additionally, it would be nice to see the NES Classic Edition make another appearance in stores and online before the end of the holiday season.

What do you think about the NES Classic Edition crashing Amazon? Were you one of the unlucky people who tried but failed to get one?

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