Nintendo is reportedly set to end production of the NES Classic Edition console, with shipments of the hugely popular console revamp set to end by May.

When Nintendo revealed the NES Classic Edition console, fans were over the moon. The revamped version of the iconic console would let players relive great gaming moments from their childhood and many were ridiculously excited about its release. Although there were concerns that the NES Classic Edition’s library of games (just 30 games are available) isn’t enough, this didn’t diminish fans’ enthusiasm and some even got around the 30 game limit by hacking the NES Classic to add more games.

With all of the hype around the console, it seems surprising that less than a year later, Nintendo is reportedly preparing to end the NES Classic Edition’s production. Posting to NeoGAF, one user who says that they work at a large Nordic retailer explains that Nintendo’s Nordic distributor Bergsala has confirmed that “NES Classic Mini has reached its end of life and will be phased out.”

Just a few more shipments of the classic console are expected, with the last shipment of NES Classic Edition stock likely to arrive at the user’s Nordic retailer in either April or May. The user also claims to have received similar information from other retailers who are now emailing customers to tell them that their NES Classic order “might be cancelled.” This post on a Nordic language forum which quotes one of these cancellation emails seems to corroborate the story.


At this point, it’s unclear whether or not the end of shipments applies worldwide or whether it only applies to Nordic territories. Bergsala is not said to have commented on the state of NES Classic Edition production worldwide and so fans in North America and the rest of Europe may still be in luck. However, if Nintendo really is set to cease production and stop selling the console over the globe, many will be confused by that decision.

At the most recent count, NES Classic Edition sales had topped 1.5 million as fans, fuelled by nostalgia and a love of retro gaming, have absolutely jumped at the chance to by the console. But as the many NES Classic stock shortages show, even though 1.5 million have been sold already, there are still many others gamers who want to buy the console too.

Ending production of the console now would leave those fans broken-hearted or even well out of pocket if they’re forced to buy an NES Classic on sites like eBay, where the price of the console is much, much higher than the RRP. Nintendo has yet to comment but watch this space.

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