Nintendo reveals during a strategy meeting that it has sold 1.5 million NES Classic Edition consoles so far, and that production for the console is increasing.

While many gamers are anxiously awaiting the release of the Nintendo Switch in March, others are still hoping to get their hands on a NES Classic Edition console. The NES Classic Edition garnered immediate demand upon its announcement, and became one of the most sought-after items for the holidays last year.

During a strategy meeting today, Nintendo revealed that it has sold 1.5 million NES Classic Edition consoles worldwide. The news was translated and shared via Twitter by Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki. In the tweet, Mochizuki shared the sales numbers, and brought joy to the hearts of many gamers when he added that Nintendo is “increasing production.”

There are undoubtedly many thousands – and possibly millions – of Nintendo fans who are happy to learn that Nintendo is increasing production of the NES Classic Edition. The console was notoriously difficult to find upon its release in November 2016, with people around the world hoping to get one for the holidays. The demand for the $60 console was so high that some of those few who were able to get an order through via Amazon or other retailer turned around and posted the consoles to eBay with a price tag upwards of $1,000.

Best Buy did have a limited run just before Christmas for the console, which once again saw hundreds of people forming lines around the stores. Sadly, the demand was still too high, with only a few people receiving a console per store. GameStop also recently had an additional shipment come through, but many gamers claimed the stores only received a couple units each.

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Even with the holidays over, there are still many people hoping to see the NES Classic Edition production ramp up. With strong reviews and new ways to enjoy the console via hacking codes, there’s little reason to pass up the console for Nintendo fans.

That said, Nintendo is hoping to sell two million Nintendo Switch units at launch, along with the growing list of launch titles. Plus, Nintendo is undoubtedly hoping to make the most of its monthly online membership, which may include access to classic Nintendo titles via Virtual Console. In the meantime, hopefully Nintendo can maintain strong production on the NES Classic Edition and get more units to stores soon.

What do you think of Nintendo’s success so far with the NES Classic Edition?

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