Nintendo reveals more details about its first smartphone game Miitomo, including the free to play app’s gameplay, social interactions, and microtransactions.

Last year, Nintendo made the surprising announcement that it would be releasing several smartphone games. Not long after, the company lifted the lid off its very first app, Miitomo, though as soon as Nintendo unveiled the game, it announced that it had been delayed until 2016. As the game’s release date grows ever closer, Nintendo has now revealed some brand new information about the free-to-play title, including expected gameplay, social media interactions and its microtransactions.

Nintendo explains that Miitomo “lets you spark conversations with your friends in a whole new way”. Using Nintendo’s iconic Mii characters, players will be able to create a Mii likeness of themselves, either by putting one together from scratch, by snapping a selfie, or by using a QR code to import it from their 3DS or Wii U. Players can customize their Mii’s hair, facial features, voice, personality and clothing.

Some of these clothing options, says Nintendo, include shorts, pants, shoes, accessories, hats and even socks as “Mii characters will travel around and visit others that users have added as friends in the app” and “it’s important to look good”. There are also “outlandish costumes” including a bear costume, a hot dog costume and a pirate costume too.

Miitomo Miifoto gallery

In an announcement post on the company’s official website, Nintendo goes on to explain that players can spend ‘Miitomo coins’ on “all kinds of varied and interesting outfits” which will be available at the in-game shop. Miitomo coins can be earned through normal play – which includes answering questions posed by friends (who can be added either in person or via Twitter and Facebook) – or, they can purchase more Miitomo coins via microtransactions.

Another newly announced feature, Miifoto, which allows players to put their Mii creations in “fun” poses with “cool” stamps before sharing them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, certainly gives players good reason to pay for their characters to look their best. But on the other hand, free-to-play apps such as Need for Speed No Limits and (Nintendo-distributed game) Pokémon Shuffle have given the monetization model a bad name..

At this stage, it is far, far too early to say whether Miitomo‘s microtransactions will also be deemed ‘too expensive’ by fans or if those outfits will be worth it, and if earning them (without paying actual money) will not be a total grind. As fans wait to find out, though, Nintendo says that anyone who creates a Nintendo Account before the game is released will get “Platinum Points for the new My Nintendo** rewards programme” which will launch “simultaneously” with Miitomo.

Source: Nintendo

Miitomo will be released on iOS and Android devices in March, 2016.