Stockholders have made it very apparent that they want Nintendo to jump into the mobile market. However, the house that Mario built has expressed their disinterest in bringing their franchises to mobile phones in the past, and it would appear that their stance on the matter hasn’t changed.

In a recent interview with a Japanese news website by the name of Nikkei, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata (the same man who recently reduced his own pay after the lacklustre performance of the 3DS) reconfirmed his company’s intentions. Iwata stated that Nintendo’s position will not change on the matter. Iwata’s reasoning behind this decision is that, while Nintendo would make short-term profits from mobile games, it wouldn’t benefit their long-term plans.

If Nintendo games are available on the iPhone for $4.99 then one of the main appeals of their portables is now gone. Exclusives are key to a platform’s success, and without them a console is doomed to fail. There has to be a reason that people are investing in a console, and removing the exclusivity factor of Mario and his friends from Nintendo-made machines would probably be one of the dumbest moves they could ever make.

Iwata knows this and that’s why he refuses to allow Nintendo to put their games on mobile devices, however, that apparently doesn’t sound like a great idea with some very vocal investors. Nobody can blame investors for wanting Nintendo’s stock to go back up after reaching record lows, but mobile games would be very much a short term rise in profits. A long-term result could see hardware sales fade into obscurity — something that neither Nintendo, its stockholders, or its fans want to happen.

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Nintendo may have hit a rough patch as of late, but the sales numbers of the 3DS have increased significantly after the handheld’s big price drop. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Nintendo in the next year and a half, because the Big N has a lot to lose if the 3DS and Wii U don’t hit their intended marks.

2012 will be an interesting year for gamers, and you can be sure that Nintendo will be making some big news — whether or not that news is good or bad is based entirely on whether Nintendo’s exclusive titles and hardware platforms succeed

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Source: CNET

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