As revealed by Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo plans on releasing two to three original mobile games for iOS and Android devices every year.

There was once a time when Nintendo swore it would never make mobile games, but it changed its tune in recent years. Now, the company has collaborated with Niantic to create the Pokemon GO Plus accessory for the wildly successful Pokemon GO, and even released mobile games based on its most popular franchises, like Super Mario Run.

Nintendo’s foray into the world of mobile gaming has been lucrative so far, and it will look to continue that success in the coming years by releasing two to three new mobile games per year. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima (as reported by Reuters) revealed this information to the company’s investors earlier today, but stopped short of discussing any new mobile titles Nintendo may have in the pipeline for iOS and Android devices.

We know that Nintendo’s first 2017 mobile release is the upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes, which is scheduled to release on February 2nd for Android, and launch later in the year for iOS. Besides Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo also has an Animal Crossing mobile game in development, but that title was recently delayed to give Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run more room to breathe. And since Nintendo is only looking to release two to three mobile games per year, it seems as though it’s making an effort to avoid saturating the market with games.

Super Mario Run Coming to Android in March - Mario

Assuming Animal Crossing isn’t delayed to 2018, it will be the second original mobile release from Nintendo in 2017. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen what the possible third game will be, or what mobile projects Nintendo will focus on next year. A recent survey released by the company seems to suggest that a Super Mario Run sequel is already in the works, so that very well could be the next mobile effort we see from the Big N after Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem.

It’s possible we will have more concrete answers in regards to Nintendo’s future mobile games come E3 2017 in June. Mobile games usually don’t have a large presence at the show, but it seems as though Nintendo is positioning mobile gaming as one of its main revenue sources moving forward, especially with the Nintendo Switch existing in both the home console and handheld console markets. Considering this, Nintendo may want to highlight its upcoming mobile efforts at the event along with its high budget console games.

Nintendo’s future mobile games are unknown, but if its mobile titles keep doing as well as Super Mario Run, which was at one point the highest grossing app, then the Big N may decide to create more than two or three mobile games every year. For now, fans should expect Nintendo to focus most of its resources on building the Nintendo Switch library, but don’t be surprised if the company ramps up its mobile gaming production in the coming years.