Nintendo's Next Mobile Game is a Brand New Franchise

Nintendo smartphone game new IP Dragalia Lost

Nintendo has had mixed success in the mobile gaming space so far. It has released several games based on its existing properties including social game Miitomo; tactical, gacha-style game Fire Emblem Heroes; platforming title Super Mario Run; and country-living simulation game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. These games have all benefited from the strength of their existing series' but it seems that Nintendo doesn't just want to rely on these existing fanbases.

The company's next mobile game is a fantasy action RPG called Dragalia Lost and it was co-developed with Cygames, a studio which is also working on a game with Bayonetta developer Platinum Games. The first trailer for the game is in Japanese, but it confirms that Dragalia Lost will have a bright and bold anime art style, beastly monsters to attack, a charming world to explore, and playable characters who can turn into dragons.

Dragalia Lost is a brand new IP from Nintendo and Cygames and it will be released this summer on iOS and Android devices in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, though it will be released in Europe and North America at a later date.

The game will be free to download but "there is some paid content," explains the game's website. It's worth noting that Nintendo has found more success with loot box mechanics like Fire Emblem Heroes than it has with other forms of microtransactions and Cygames has also offered gacha mechanics in its previous titles.

The announcement of Dragalia Lost comes after sources claimed that Nintendo is looking to work with more mobile game developers in an effort to release even more mobile games. Nintendo hasn't exactly found scintillating success with the mobile games it has released with DeNA, hence why it is looking elsewhere.

As such, fans can likely expect Nintendo's future mobile gaming plans to be a mix of spin-offs of existing franchises and brand new mobile IPs. While Nintendo is working on mobile games of The Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart (Mario Kart Tour is out this year), many will be happy to see some franchises that are made specifically for smartphones. Not only does this mean that they get to see more of Nintendo's creativity, but it also means that there's no risk of losing anything when an existing franchise is downsized.

Dragalia Lost will be released on Android and iOS devices later this summer.

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