Nintendo superfan daftmike uses a Raspberry Pi and 3D printing to create his own version of Nintendo’s classic mini-NES console that includes ‘working’ cartridges.

Since its initial announcement, gamers have been seemingly desperate to gain any new information about Nintendo’s Mini-NES console. Revealed just a few weeks ago, the miniature device will come packed with 30 classic NES games as well as a wired NES controller.

However, while the classic NES device is only a few months away, one Nintendo superfan that goes by the name daftmike decided the wait was a little too long, and instead has made his own Mini-NES. In fact, the Mini-NES this fan created (using 3D printing) is actually more advanced than the one Nintendo is selling.

Through the use of a Raspberry Pi and some 3D printing, the Mini-NES functions almost exactly like a tiny Nintendo Entertainment System should. It holds faux NES cartridges with NFC information loaded onto them, which then tell the Raspberry Pi what emulator to play. Unfortunately the device doesn’t play real NES cartridges, but it gets much closer to the real thing than anyone would expect.

Any who have both the technological wherewithal and the resources to create a Mini-NES can follow daftmike’s instructions at his blog. But even those who don’t know the difference between a Raspberry Pi and a Raspberry Pie are encouraged to read daftmike’s rundown; it’s a very interesting breakdown and it explains daftmike’s motivations for wanting to create the device.

So no it’s not a Mini-NES that can play old Nintendo cartridges and uses the original controller, but this is still a mighty impressive creation. Nowadays if there is a will there is a way when it comes to creating working replicas (or non-working replicas) of popular gaming icons, whether it be DOOM’s BFG or one of the many weapons in Destiny. And most of these creations are made possible through the use of 3D printers, which obviously aren’t cheap but are extremely useful.

Of course, daftmike’s mini-NES is merely an homage to the classic NES system that Nintendo will be releasing later this fall. Much like the PS1 themed controllers and consoles that Sony released not that long ago, this classic NES has piqued the nostalgia of gamers everywhere and will likely be hard to find, especially for a holiday purchase.

That’s a good thing for Nintendo, though, which has been struggling in the sales department as of late. The company certainly got a bump from the success of Pokémon GO, but only as part owner of The Pokémon Company not as publisher or developer. The Classic NES, on the other hand, is pure Nintendo and will be a major seller.

Source: daftmike

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