Gamers that upload videos of Minecraft: Wii U Edition on YouTube that feature the recent Super Mario-themed DLC are having their videos removed due to copyright claims.

Nintendo fans had to wait a long time for Minecraft to come to the Wii U. With the wait finally over, Minecraft: Wii U Edition players have enjoyed some platform exclusive perks, including a batch of impressive Super Mario DLC. However, not all is going smoothly for Minecraft: Wii U Edition, as the aforementioned Super Mario DLC is causing headaches for those that have uploaded footage of the game to YouTube.

As some may be aware, Nintendo has a strict policy when it comes to uploading footage of its games to YouTube. YouTubers are required to sign up for the Nintendo Partners program, or else they run the risk of having their content hit with copyright claims, and subsequently pulled from the site. Since Minecraft is owned by Microsoft and not Nintendo, this rule hasn’t applied to the game until recently released Super Mario DLC became available.

4J Studios, the developer that handles the Minecraft console ports, claims that it was assured by Nintendo that Minecraft would still be exempt from the usual YouTube rules, regardless of the addition of Super Mario DLC. To that end, 4J has reached out to Nintendo, and the Big N has apparently said that it is going to investigate and resolve the issue.

Super Mario Mash Up Peach Castle MineCraft Wii U

Based on these comments, it appears as though the Minecraft: Wii U Edition videos being removed from YouTube is not due to any direct action by Nintendo. On the contrary, it appears to be a result of YouTube’s controversial Content ID system, which has a history of frustrating users with unfair copyright strikes against their accounts in the past.

Hopefully this issue is resolved soon, as it’s fair to say that Minecraft is one of the more popular games for YouTube videos. This situation is probably frustrating to those YouTubers that have shelled out the cash to get the Nintendo exclusive content, and they may decide that uploading footage of Minecraft: Wii U Edition isn’t worth the risk. Perhaps if Nintendo took PewDiePie’s advice, and instead allowed users to upload gameplay footage of Nintendo games without having to jump through so many hoops, this situation could have been avoided.

Other than this issue with Minecraft: Wii U Edition videos being removed from YouTube, it seems as though bringing the game to a Nintendo platform has otherwise been smooth sailing. Microsoft is satisfied with the Nintendo partnership at least, and perhaps it could even lead to more collaborations between the two companies, assuming this YouTube controversy blows over soon.

Minecraft: Wii U Edition is available now for Wii U.

Source: GameSpot