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The launch of the Wii U ushered in  new ways for gamers to interact with each other. While the idea of sharing ideas and opinions online was nothing revolutionary — and let’s face it, the internet is very opinionated — Wii U’s Miiverse simply attempted to make sharing more fun and more accessible. While that access was originally limited strictly through a console, Nintendo is now attempting to make Miiverse available anywhere.

Anyone that follows Nintendo knows that they love changing the way gamers play — and changing what they play matters just as much as changing how they play. Nintendo’s latest console kept what was unique about the Wii and took it a step further by adding a Gamepad, which allowed players to access applications more easily, control their games differently and, one of the biggest changes, to interact with other gamers more frequently.

Wii U’s Miiverse is a dynamic application that allows for sharing and expression in a way other consoles just don’t do (at least not yet). Nintendo wants gamers to continue interacting even after they step away from their console by providing Miiverse access from any PC, smartphone or other device with browser capabilities.

While the ability to draw, a favorite for many, won’t be available without the Gamepad, users are still able to check up on the latest from Nintendo, scroll through their friends’ activity feeds, read notifications and peek into the many different Wii U communities (where you can discuss Nintendo’s decision to not hold an E3 2013 press conference). This is good news for gamers who participate in the community frequently, which seems to be a good chunk of people.

Black Ops 2 Wii U Miiverse

Miiverse has proven that it not only allows for general social interactions, but it is also an outlet for gamers to be heard by Nintendo. With the recent announcement that the long-awaited Earthbound would finally be making its way to North American and European Virtual Consoles, it’s hard not to wonder if this new social hub helped play a part in the decision.

The browser version of Miiverse is currently in Beta, so more features will likely be added in the future. Until then, those that are hankering to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of Nintendo can do so from a lot more places.

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