Nintendo’s shift towards social networks and online services begins today with the launch of the MyNintendo loyalty program and Miitomo¬†for smart devices.

Nintendo‘s mobile revolution is starting today with the launch of two highly anticipated services. The first is Miitomo, Nintendo‘s first major venture onto “Smart Devices,” a social application that connects users with trivia and photos through the use of Mii avatars. The second is the MyNintendo service, the replacement for Nintendo’s long loved Club Nintendo. MyNintendo offers rewards to users for purchasing games and participating in their other services like Miitomo. The old Nintendo is dead, long live the new Nintendo!

Miitomo is gloriously odd and absurd in the same ways that gave life to the Tomodachi Life game. All players start by creating a Mii for themselves, either piecing it together bit by bit or auto-creating one with the smart device’s camera. Users then connect with friends either through Twitter, Facebook, or face-to-face, but keep in mind it will only work where fans and their tentative friends are already following each other or friends with each other. Fans then share answers to odd questions, photos of Miis and other standard social network features like comments and Likes too.

Yes, Miitomo is a social network. But there’s a meta game also going on in which players earn a Miitomo Platinum currency. This currency can be spent on costumes for each user’s Mii, including shirts, pants, socks, hats, shoes, and scarves. And, of course, there are full outfits that have been put together already like a pirate suit and various animal costumes. It seems like there should be a way to alter the Mii’s home as well, but that doesn’t look to be implemented yet.

A second way to spend Miitomo Platinum is through Nintendo’s new MyNintendo service. Miitomo Platinum is one of three MyNintendo currencies, with the other two being silver and gold coins. Where Miitomo Platinum is obviously earned through tasks within Miitomo, silver currency is earned through tasks or “Missions” within MyNintendo. Things like linking accounts to MyNintendo or signing into services like Miiverse or the Nintendo eSport rewards silver. Gold is of course earned through premium purchases tied to MyNintendo accounts.

What can one purchase with the various currencies? The Platinum and Silver currencies are of course less valuable than gold. The cheaper cash can buy discounts for current Nintendo games, Miitomo DLC, or even games themselves — like Picross: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess or WarioWare Touched. Gold coins can buy larger discounts (30% off vs. 15% off), and have a larger selection of games to purchase including Wii U titles and DLC. There are no real-world rewards like Amiibo or t-shirts, but maybe that will change down the line.

Altogether, the implication of today’s launches should be clear — Nintendo is focusing in on online services and social networks. Whatever the NX platform ends up being, and we’ll know within the next few months, it’s almost certain to be tied to online services like MyNintendo and apps like Miitomo in a dozen different ways. Nintendo wants users to have access to their services, friends lists, games, and so on via their phone, TV, through their web browser, or wherever they may be. Welcome to this glorious Nintendo dystopia.

Nintendo‘s Miitomo is now available for iOS and Android devices through Apple’s app store and the Google Play store entirely for free. MyNintendo is also online, requiring users to create a Nintendo Account and then tie their account to various platforms and services.

Source: Nintendo Mobile