Nintendo is Getting Its Own Loot Crate Subscription Box Service

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The popularity of services like Loot Crate, a monthly mailing of a box full of random or themed geeky goodness, has skyrocketed as of late. Given this success, it should come as no surprise that many competitors to Loot Crate have popped up, all focusing on attracting unique niche audiences.

Most monthly subscription boxes focus on a theme, rather than a single game, show, or game company, but occasionally something like the Loot Crate Amiibo box will come along. Perhaps due in part to the success of the Amiibo Loot Crate, Nintendo is said to be planning its own Nintendo-only subscription box service.

According to MCV, Nintendo will soon be offering its own subscription box service via its online Nintendo store, called N-Box. The boxes will be available individually or on a subscription plan in three, six, and twelve-month increments, with the longer subscription plans presumably bringing down the cost of each box. The N-Boxes will contain merchandise, clothes, and toys that are inspired by or feature branding of characters from Nintendo’s iconic series, like The Legend of Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon. It’s currently unknown when the N-Box subscription service will begin, and whether the N-Box will be part of a partnership with Zavvi. Given that Zavvi has a subscription box service of its own, similarly titled ZBox, and is responsible for operating the Nintendo online store, it’s entirely possible that the N-Box will be part of a partnership.

Nintendo Amiibo Loot Crate

Nintendo has branched out quite a bit lately into new opportunities, probably to the delight of Nintendo stockholders. Nintendo has previously partnered with Loot Crate to produce an Amiibo box for subscribers, and is said to be releasing a Nintendo-themed Zavvi ZBox in September. Rumors have also flown that Nintendo will be partnering with Universal Studios to create a theme park inspired by video games, they may be working with Disney to create new toys and possibly movies, and they’ll soon be releasing Nintendo games for mobile phones,

While the Wii U has only just now managed to sell 10 million units, Nintendo is clearly on the prowl for other ways to turn a profit. The Nintendo N-Box could potentially appeal to a lot of Nintendo fans – especially those who enjoy the element of surprise.

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Source: MCV