Nintendo LABO Vehicle Kit Revealed for Switch


Several months ago, Nintendo revealed DIY accessory playsets for the Switch dubbed LABO, with the video game company eventually releasing several different building kits to take part in activities such as fishing, playing piano, racing a bike, and becoming a giant, punching robot. Now, the Big N has announced that it will be putting out a LABO Vehicle Kit for the hybrid mobile console later this year.

According to Nintendo, the LABO Vehicle Kit is officially set to launch on September 14, 2018, and it will allow Switch owners the ability to create a wide variety of fresh cardboard peripherals that will add a new level of interactivity with the console. For instance, the new kit will allow on to construct a submarine, a plane, a pedal, two keys "and more." By simply inserting keys into one of the aforementioned assembled vehicles, fans can play a variety of games and activities, and have the capacity to switch between vehicles at any time by pulling a key out of one and putting it into another.


Upon the Nintendo LABO Vehicle Kit's release, any Switch owners who happen to be interested in the product will need to be prepared to spend $70 at launch for the new accessory playset, which might be seen as too steep by some. Then again, the initial LABO Toy-Con kits that were released wound up being generally admired by Nintendo fans, so perhaps the more skeptical gamers among us will be swayed by the updates that Nintendo has promised to share about the Vehicle Kit in the coming weeks.

Bearing all of this in mind, it will be interesting to see how Nintendo's LABO Vehicle Kit performs at launch in the next couple of months, as many who purchased the first offerings of the brand expressed adoration for the concept and liked what it brought to the table, but felt the novelty wore off too quickly. With this being the case, we will simply have to see what fate holds for the Nintendo LABO line of wares.

Nintendo LABO's Vehicle Kit is set to launch on September 14, 2018 for the Switch.

Source: IGN

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