Kirby Collection Announced

Though 2011 might be the swan song year for the Wii, Nintendo isn’t letting the console go out without featuring a little bit more of everyone’s favorite pink jiggly thing. Announced during the Nintendo Direct press conference last night was a new Kirby Collection that would feature many of the series’ classic entries. In fact, it supposedly will feature all of your favorite Kirby games.

The Kirby Anthology/Collection will be released some time this year (no word on if it will be a global release or just in Japan) and is meant to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic Nintendo hero. Aside from Zelda or Mario, Kirby’s titles have benefited the most from being on the Wii, and with somewhere between 20-30 titles (including remakes) released there should be plenty of classics for Nintendo to choose from.

Kirby first burst onto the scene with Kirby’s Dream Land, but that was only the beginning. Since then not only has he become a staple of every Nintendo console from the Game Boy to the DS (no 3DS title yet), but he’s become a banner man of the Nintendo brand participating in Nintendo team-ups like Super Smash Bros.

Obviously Dream Land and Canvas Curse are musts for the Collection, but beyond that it’s hard to pick which must make it in. You’ve got to figure that both Return to Dream Land and Epic Yarn could go either way since they are already available for the console. A collection that features Epic Yarn, though, could give fans that were turned off by the pattern-based aesthetic more incentive to check out the surprisingly charming title.

Typically with these Nintendo Direct announcements the publisher tends to simply let the unveiling speak for itself, and save the real meaty details like release dates and content for later. Since it is Kirby’s 20th Anniversary we wouldn’t be surprised if beyond just this game, Nintendo had something in development for the Wii U — something that they plan to unveil at E3 2012 perhaps?

What Kirby titles do you think have to make the cut for this Kirby 20th Anniversary Collection? Which titles would you rather not see?

This Kirby Collection wii be available by the end of the year for the Wii in Japan.


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