Nintendo Announces National 'Kid Icarus: Uprising' Multiplayer Tournament

Kid Icarus Uprising Multiplayer Tournament

In anticipation of the Kid Icarus: Uprising release, Nintendo has announced that a massive 3DS multiplayer tournament will be underway at the game's launch. This tournament will be hosted at various GameStop locations throughout North America starting March 8 - with a national championship to be held in New York City.

Fans of series can get a good sense of the game before the tournament since brief details on the Kid Icarus Uprising multiplayer were revealed this past December - when Nintendo President Satoru Iwata addressed new content for 3DS demos. At the time, he didn't get too specific but further multiplayer mode details were also announced last week.

Those who wish to participate in the tournament can expect some pretty high-stakes. No official prize has been announced, but three winners from regional competition (San Francisco - March 8, Orlando - March 11, Los Angeles - March 15, and New York - March 22) will be sent on an all-expenses-paid trip to New York for the national championship - not to mention a whole bunch of Kid Icarus themed swag. This bracket-style tourney championship will take place at the GameStop at Broadway and 84th Street in New York. Those not engaged in the tournament can visit the store for a special pre-sale opportunity - allowing gamers to buy Uprising the day before it releases.

For anyone unfamiliar with Kid Icarus: Uprising, the game follows Pit, the commander of the guard for the Goddess of Light, Palutena. Medusa, the Queen of Darkness, has returned and has sent legions of her Underworld Army to wreck havoc on the world. Pit, of course, must send Medusa back to whence she came.

Game Rant went hands-on experience with Kid Icarus: Uprising back at GDC '11 - and found the game rather enjoyable. Gamers looking forward to this tournament can also check out the new Kid Icarus: Uprising "Intensity" trailer that came out earlier this month. If you're still unsure about a purchase, each copy of the Uprising comes with six AR cards that can interact with the game, as well as a Nintendo 3DS stand.

Anyone who doesn't wish to play in the tournament will still get the chance to test-out Kid Icarus: Uprising at their local GameStop before it hits shelves March 23.


Source: Nintendo

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