Nintendo of Japan Getting Ready to Release Mario Collection on Wii

Super Mario Collection Special Pack, Super Mario All-Stars, Mario Collection

Nintendo of Japan held another one of their "secret" retail meetings today, and as with most retailer briefings, news has been leaked -- thank you internet!

Some news leaked that doesn't really concern those that speak English include official Japanese release dates for Kirby's Epic Yarn and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (they get it a whole month before North America!), but some big news came from the retail meet and greet in the form of the Super Mario Collection Special Pack! This collection is said to be an updated take on Super Mario All-Stars, a game that was originally released on the SNES in '93.

Most of you are probably asking yourselves "What the hell is a special pack?" The "special pack" is a pack that is very special and will likely have Mario fanboys and fangirls clamoring to get their hands on it. It's called "Super Mario History 1985 - 2010" and includes a 25 page booklet on Mario's past 25 years of gaming greatness, as well as a soundtrack that has songs from all of the pudgy plumber's major romps starting from Super Mario Bros. and ending with Super Mario Galaxy 2.

There's no word on whether or not this Wii-make will be a straight port, will add new games or feature updated graphics, but it will apparently only cost around $30 so you really shouldn't expect too much. I loved Super Mario All-Stars and I played it all the time, so I have some decent expectations for the remake. As long as they improve the graphics a little and throw in some new games and/or features then Nintendo will have a sale in me.

There are currently no pictures of Super Mario Collection Special Pack in action, but the game has a Japanese release date of October 21 so they should start pouring in shortly. No news on a North American release date, but hopefully we get word on that soon!

Are you excited for the remake of Super Mario All-Stars? What do you guys think of the "special pack"?

Source: Remoon (via Andriasang)

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