Nintendo 'Indie World' Showcase Direct Coming Soon

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Nintendo is ready to share more information about the next wave of indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch. Friday morning, Nintendo announced its upcoming Indie World direct video feature. The livestream will showcase "roughly" 20 minutes of indie game news, and fans can tune into the Direct at 6:00 am PT on Monday, August 19.

No teasers for what Nintendo Switch fans should expect were offered. But based on Nintendo's earlier indie, there are some games that are likely to make an appearance. Pine, the open-world action-adventure game, was previously announced as an August release for Nintendo Switch, so it's a prime candidate. Other previously shown indie games include Overland, NeoCab, Terraria, and the TV Edition of Kentucky Route Zero (with Act V included).

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One indie game to watch for in particular is Shovel Knight's highly anticipated King of Cards campaign. Shovel Knight has been extremely well-received on the Nintendo Switch, being one of the platform's early indie adopters, and there's also that great Shovel Knight amiibo. It'd make sense for Yacht Club Games to participate in Indie World to confirm its King of Cards release date, especially since it has already been highlighted by Nintendo but was then delayed out of its earlier April launch.

Mindful Nintendo fans may have recognized the new branding for the upcoming event. Instead of being called a Nindies Showcase like previous similar events, it's being called an Indie World video showcase. Indie World has been the name of Nintendo of Japan's indie video showcases for some time now. Nintendo of America must have thought "Nindies" would be more appealing but is now relenting.

Indie games may not be as popular or as hype as Nintendo's first-party games, like 2019's upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, but they play a significant role in building out the Switch's library of games. Since the hardware power difference between the Nintendo Switch and the Playstation and Xbox is significant, multiplatform games have trouble getting ported. Indie games are the exception to that, however, and the lack of big third party ports becomes the benefit of indie games.

Tune in to the Nintendo Indie World presentation at 6:00 am PT on Monday, August 19.

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