Nintendo Lets Fans Choose Future 'Super Smash Bros.' Characters

Super Smash Bros Fighter Ballot

Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS and Wii U launched with an impressive roster that included characters from almost every major franchise in the company's history. Still, with so many beloved games under Nintendo's belt, a few favorite characters were inevitably left out. Some, like the swordsman Takamaru from Murasame’s Mysterious Castle, were axed because of their obscurity. Others, like the Ice Climbers, didn't make the cut due to technical constraints.

However, just because a character didn't ship with the base Super Smash Bros. game doesn't mean they're gone for good, thanks to Nintendo's new focus on DLC. Nintendo previously announced that fan-favorite Pokémon Mewtwo would be coming to both editions of the game, and the latest Nintendo Direct video confirmed that Lucas of Mother 3 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl fame will soon join him. As for the others? Well, that's up to you.

As part of the Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata announced that Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai and the Smash development team will accept requests from the public regarding additional fighters to be added via DLC. Using the Smash Bros. website, users can access the Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. Simply specify your gender, the character you want to see added to the game, the series that the character is from, and a brief explanation as to why you think they'd be a good fit for Smash Bros., and submit.

Every user is limited to one vote. In addition, voting is only open until October 3, 2015. While that gives players plenty of time to rally behind their favorite character, it also implies that fan-chosen characters won't appear in-game for quite some time. The number of potential "winners" that will be transformed into DLC wasn't announced.

Naturally, voting doesn't guarantee that a character will be added to Smash Bros., only that Nintendo will consider it, although any characters that makes it through the approval process will appear on both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. Sakurai has a complicated and in-depth process he uses to choose which characters go into Smash games, and that isn't likely to change any time soon.

Obviously, there are a number of characters that fans would still like to see added to Smash Bros. WhileMetroid villain Ridley might never make his way to the main roster, the Smash community was very excited about the (ultimately false) rumor that Rayman would be joining the Smash roster, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Ubisoft's limbless hero get a few votes. After all, the Fighter Ballot asks for "video game characters," not Nintendo-specific franchises. If the competition really is wide open, then there's a near infinite number of possible new Smash characters. Choose wisely.

Source: Nintendo

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