Super Mario Maker Promotional Partnership Forged Between Nintendo and Facebook

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There’s no question about it. Nintendo’s main mascot Mario is a universal icon when it comes to representing the gaming industry. So when the Japanese company gave fans of the world’s most popular plumber a peek at the upcoming Super Mario Maker, people were unquestionably excited at the prospect to become a creator of their very own levels. While Nintendo didn’t expand upon many concrete details for the title during its reveal at E3 2014, it did make sure to confirm a release date of September.

Eventually, Nintendo went on to dedicate a majority of its E3 2015 Digital Event to the game, by way of an in-depth trailer that showed off the cohesiveness and flexibility of its creation tools. Additionally, after showcasing most of what the release would contain, it was later made known to fans that the title would have Amiibo support to include other Nintendo characters. Bearing all of this in mind, Nintendo diehards who have a propensity to be creatively driven would do well to dedicate their time to the game once Super Mario Maker finally releases.

As a matter of fact, whether or not players have artistic inclinations or a reliable Internet connection, fans anticipating Super Mario Maker will have plenty of stage building and deconstructive fun ahead of them once it goes on sale since the title provides 100 pre-made courses on the disc. On top of that, Nintendo has now announced via Twitter plans to partner with Facebook to publicize and promote Super Mario Maker with the production of new content at the game’s launch.

Super Mario Maker Promotional Partnership Forged Between Nintendo and Facebook

Although the two Tweets regarding the declaration have since vanished, My Nintendo News managed to nab a couple of screen grabs before they were taken down. The text for both of them read:

While it’s unclear as to why the Tweets were deleted, it’s most definitely implied that we’ll encounter a kind of free launch-day DLC, although some sort of pay-per-level content for Super Mario Maker is still certainly possible. As far as Nintendo’s add-ons for the Wii U are concerned, the company has dealt with the matter considerably well, especially when it comes to Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8. Taking this into account, fans of Super Mario Maker ought to be pleasantly surprised once they get their hands on a copy of the LittleBigWorld-inspired game.

Super Mario Maker is slated for release on September 11, 2015 exclusively for the Wii U.

Source: My Nintendo News (via Game Informer)