Nintendo E3 2017 Plans Revealed, Super Mario Odyssey Confirmed

Nintendo E3 2017 plans

Nintendo has officially revealed its plans for E3 2017. The company previously confirmed that it would not host a traditional E3 press conference, despite strong sales of its new console the Nintendo Switch, but clearly it still plans to take part in a big way.

On social media, Nintendo detailed three different components to its E3 2017 proceedings. The Nintendo Spotlight will take place on June 13 at 9AM PT (12PM PT) and will be streamed live at It will feature a look at "Nintendo Switch games for 2017" including Super Mario Odyssey, which was announced for the Switch earlier this year.

No other games were mentioned for the Spotlight, which means that fans could be in for some big surprises. Pokemon Star is rumored to come to the Nintendo Switch, as a port of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Meanwhile, there are also rumors about a Mario and Raving Rabbids crossover RPG that could be revealed during the event as well.

After the Spotlight event ends, it will be "immediately followed' by a Nintendo Treehouse presentation. Here, fans can "enjoy Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS gameplay with Treehouse members and developers," explains Nintendo. The company previously confirmed that there would be several Nintendo 3DS announcements during E3 2017 and while it's unclear exactly what these big reveals may entail, it's exciting for those who are still glued to the popular handheld device.

And finally, Nintendo also promises several live tournaments. The company says that, across June 13 and 14, fans can tune in to see the Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational along with the 2017 ARMS Open Invitational, which will be streamed live from the Nintendo E3 booth. Nintendo showcased a fictional Splatoon 2 eSports tournament when it announced the Switch last year while ARMS has garnered interest from the professional fighting game scene, so it comes as little surprise that Nintendo is continuing to push the games on a professional level.

Overall, Nintendo's E3 2017 plans sound fairly standard and some fans will be disappointed that the company isn't teasing any more big surprises. Some would argue that the company doesn't need to though as not only has Nintendo already promised a a 'big E3' this year, the success of the Nintendo Switch mean that many are expecting major announcements and excitement anyway. So even with a lack of Nintendo-fuelled hype, fans should probably put on their seat belts.

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