Watch Live: Nintendo E3 2014 Digital Event [Recap]

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The live show will start on Tuesday, June 10th at 9:00AM PT.

Yesterday saw a lot of new first-party and third-party game announcements and gameplay reveals during the four big E3 2014 press conferences from Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft (see a recap of it all here!) and now it’s time for Nintendo’s presentation before the trade show doors open and our Game Rant team in attendance – and the rest of the video game industry – gets up close and personal with the future of video game software and hardware.

Like last year, Nintendo has opted out of hosting a traditional press conference, focusing on far fewer, more intimate announcements and presentations. This year they’ll be hosting a massive Smash Bros. tournament as well as private sessions with the media, but to kick it all off, they’ll be making their announcements via their own Nintendo Direct livestream.

We were promised a new mystery 3DS game, but we already know of at least one new thing coming on the Wii U – a new Star Fox entry which leaked moments ago, prior to Nintendo’s show. We can also expect/hope for The Legend of Zelda getting a new title for Wii U.

What do you want to see from Nintendo’s E3 presentation? In the meantime, check our our list of five games we’d love to see revealed for the Nintendo 3DS!


Game Rant E3 2014 Live Coverage

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