They say it doesn’t rain when it pours and my goodness, the news about a DS2 certainly seems to be pouring right now. Following on from the recent rumor that developers already have dev kits for the DS2, Nintendo have filed a patent that suggests the DS2 will include a form of tactile feedback (context-specific rumble, in other words) which will be “transmitted [to the] player via a stick”. The following is an excerpt of the patent:

A game apparatus includes an LCD, and a touch panel is placed on a top surface of the LCD. A player instructs an enemy character displayed on the LCD by use of a stick to attack the enemy character. For example, in a case that the enemy character exists at a depth of a game screen, little damage is applied to the enemy character, and a weak vibration is applied to the game apparatus. Conversely, in a case that the enemy character exists at a front of the game screen, much damage is applied to the character, and a strong vibration is applied to the game apparatus. In either case, the vibrations are transmitted to the fingers or hands of the player via the stick.

In other words, as far as I can make out, your DS2 may rumble when you attack an enemy. Remember that this is only a patent, and may not ever be used in an actual console. For now, it’s just a possibility.

Nintendo DS2 Tactile Feedback patent

The prospect I find most curious is the idea that “the vibrations are transmitted to the fingers or hands of the player via the stick.” Surely, with a portable console, the player is likely to be holding the system in one hand, whilst holding the stylus in the other? I can understand the vibrations traveling through the stylus (I didn’t get an A in Physics for nothing, it seems!) but the lack of any indication as to whether the player will experience the rumble in their other hand is, well, odd.

Nintendo DS 2 Tactile Feedback vibration strength

Or, and this is why you love Game Rant, I have another, more wacky idea.

What if this is a patent being held for the Wii 2/HD? Think The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, but in 2011. The idea of rumble in a handheld seems odd, as well as a drain on battery life, so why not make it an accessory for a home console? Imagine a boss battle in Zelda Wii where Ganondorf expels you into a parallel dimension, and you’re made to pick up this new device to send him back to your television.

It might sound crazy, but heck, anything could happen.

What do you think of tactile feedback from a DS2? Do you have any other thoughts as to what this patent might be all about?

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