Website Clues Hint at Nintendo Direct This Week

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Next month, the gaming industry will descend upon Los Angeles, California as E3 2017 gets underway. However, it seems that Nintendo doesn't want to wait until then to make some announcements, as there's growing evidence that the company will hold a Nintendo Direct livestream as soon as next week.

Earlier today, amateur sleuths on popular gaming forum NeoGAF spotted some strange inconsistencies with the Nintendo Direct page on the company's Japanese website. A placeholder image for an upcoming livestream was briefly added to the site, before being replaced by a blank space.

Sharp-eyed fans noticed a similar occurrence last month, just ahead of Nintendo's most recent broadcast. While this is far from official confirmation that a Nintendo Direct is inbound, it certainly seems like the company's web team has been making preemptive edits, which suggests that the livestream will take place within the next couple of weeks.

There has already been plenty of speculation about what this month's Nintendo Direct might focus on. Arms is the next big release for the Switch, but it was covered in the most recent broadcast, so there's a good chance that we'll see something completely different this time around.

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Pokemon Stars, the often-rumored follow-up to last year's Sun and Moon, is a popular pick among the Nintendo faithful, although that could be little more than wishful thinking. There has been persistent chatter that the Switch will be the first home console to see a mainline instalment of the Pokemon series, but the roots of this rumor remain unclear.

However, this would be a massive announcement, and a very big deal for the Switch. With that in mind, it stands to reason that Nintendo would make the reveal at E3 or another major event, rather than dropping it from out of nowhere.

The company may choose to utilize the livestream to offer more details about something that's previously been announced. It's long since been confirmed that the Switch will gain a version of the Virtual Console service, but it wasn't ready in time for launch. Plenty of owners would be pleased to hear more specifics as part of the rumored livestream.

At this point, Nintendo has neither confirmed or denied that a Nintendo Direct broadcast is scheduled for this month. However, all signs point toward this being the case — and it's certainly quite interesting to try and predict what'll be on show.

Source: NeoGAF

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