More than five months since the last Nintendo Direct, the online press conference returns on November 12 starting at 2:00PM PT with a focus on upcoming Wii U and 3DS titles.

It feels like just yesterday when the late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, may he rest in peace, featured in the pre-E3 Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct event. Since then, Nintendo has placed the online, streaming presentation on hiatus. It’s assumed that this is largely because Nintendo Directs are so closely tied to Satoru Iwata, as he hosted almost every major event. But, it appears Nintendo feels that the time is right to bring the events back now, as today they announced a new Nintendo Direct to air on November 12 at 2:00PM PT.

The November 12 Nintendo Direct has a generic focus on upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS releases. That is to say that this appears to be a rather typical Nintendo Direct announcement, which may be surprising due to the delay between presentations and the perhaps incorrect expectation that Nintendo would be changing the show’s format. Nintendo hasn’t supplied any extra hints via social media yet, either.

Nintendo does mention at the bottom of their Nintendo Direct teaser page that their upcoming hardware, the NX, and their mobile plans will not be featured in any way during the presentation. Oh no, Nintendo would much rather focus on the hardware and products that can be purchased for a reasonable price during this holiday season. Next year’s hotness can wait another few months.

Mostly likely to be shown during the Nintendo Direct  on Thursday are Nintendo’s major releases for the holiday season. Yo-kai Watch was released just this past Friday for the Nintendo 3DS and paired with the November 20 launch of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, those will be the two big 3DS titles of the holiday. On Wii U there’s Xenoblade Chronicles X on December 4 quickly approaching, and don’t forget both the extra large Yarn Yoshi and Falco amiibos which will be released in the next two weeks.

Yokai Watch at Nintendo Direct

Nintendo still has some work to do in terms of products scheduled for the holiday that as yet have no release date, as well. Both Animal Crossing amiibo Festival and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash are tentatively planned for holiday or December 2015. There are  also eight different Animal Crossing amiibo that will also be released somewhere in that time frame, too.

Now for everyone’s favorite part — the rampant speculation. Zelda, Zelda, Zelda! If Nintendo doesn’t show off at least a bit of The Legend of Zelda Wii U, there are likely going to be riots on the street. The same can likely also be said about the highly speculated upon Super Smash Bros. DLC that may or may not be in the works. From there it could be anyone’s guess what will be shown. On 3Ds, maybe Fire Emblem Awakening or (unlikely) Pokemon Z? On Wii U there’s Star Fox Zero and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

Nintendo’s in a bit of a pre-new hardware rut, so it’s tough to say whether they’ve got any big surprises lined up for the Wii U and 3DS. They’re likely saving everything they’re working on for their next platform — which, as said before, will not be included during Thursday’s Nintendo Direct. Not that it matters; most are likely glad just to have Nintendo Directs back at all. Hell, if Nintendo decided to just do a 30-minute silent Iwata tribute, that would probably go over well.

Nintendo Direct returns on November 12, airing at 2:00PM PT on Nintendo’s official website.

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