Rumor: Nintendo Direct Coming This Week

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It seems like every month, we get a new rumor that Nintendo is planning on hosting a Nintendo Direct presentation for the Nintendo Switch. The latest Nintendo Direct rumor comes from alleged industry insider Marcus Sellars, who has been known to accurately leak industry news in the past. According to Sellars, Nintendo will be hosting the next Nintendo Direct very soon: this coming Thursday, March 8.

Like his past claims, Sellars "leaked" this information on his Twitter account without providing any kind of evidence, so fans should take this with a massive grain of salt. However, if Sellars is correct about a Nintendo Direct taking place on March 8, it could greatly increase his stock as an accurate leaker, especially with this supposed event taking place so soon.

While we won't know for certain if Sellars is correct about a Nintendo Direct taking place on March 8 until the day comes or Nintendo offers an official announcement, let's assume for a moment that he is right. If Nintendo does plan on hosting a Nintendo Direct this week, what kind of games can fans expect to be on display?

At this point, it's hard to say what Nintendo could be showing off at its next Nintendo Direct presentation. Since the last Nintendo Direct it hosted focused mainly on games releasing in the first quarter of 2018, maybe the next Direct will look a bit further out, to the summer months and beyond.

However, fans shouldn't expect Nintendo to reveal too much information at its next Nintendo Direct, whether it takes place this week or not. After all, Nintendo will likely want to have some big news items to break at its E3 2018 presentation this coming June, and giving everything away in a Nintendo Direct months before could potentially hurt the Switch's hype coming out of the event.

It's hard to say what Nintendo will show off in its next Nintendo Direct, but there are a number of Switch games that have been announced with very little details, including the likes of Metroid Prime 4 and a main series Pokemon RPG. Whether or not we see more of these games this week remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to see if Sellars is proven right or wrong once Thursday rolls around.

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