Rumor: Bigger Nintendo Direct Coming This Month

Rumor: 'Bigger' Nintendo Direct Coming This Month - Nintendo Direct logo

Last month, rumors ran rampant that Nintendo would be hosting a Nintendo Direct presentation in January. Those rumors turned out to be somewhat true, though many of the games rumored for the presentation weren't actually announced, and the event was actually a "mini" presentation. Now new rumors have been cropping up on Twitter that point to a full-sized Nintendo Direct airing later this month.

These rumors seem to stem from a Spanish-language Twitter account that claims the Nintendo Direct presentation will take place sometime between February 12 and 15. The Twitter user, Pablo Suarez, states that this information was verified by two different sources. Of course, there is no way for to verify whether this is true, but that hasn't stopped the Internet from latching onto the rumor. No one should get too excited until Nintendo itself announces the next Nintendo Direct, though.

In the meantime, the rumors also point to the bigger Nintendo Direct focusing more on the Switch's paid online functionality. This would make sense, since Nintendo recently announced that its paid online service would launch in September 2018, but failed to announce any other details.


As it stands, there is still a lot of uncertainty about Nintendo's paid online service, so a Nintendo Direct presentation could really help clear the air and let consumers know exactly what they'll be getting for their money. Nintendo has been vague about what the service will include, but one popular theory is that it will allow players to download "free" Virtual Console games as long as they stay subscribed.

If Nintendo does host a Nintendo Direct presentation this month, perhaps it will also feature the games rumored for last month's mini Direct that never showed up. This would include the likes of Metroid Prime 4, which is rumored to be co-developed by Bandai Namco, as well as the upcoming Pokemon RPG for the Switch.

It's still not totally clear what 2018 will have in store for the Nintendo Switch. We have very little idea what Nintendo has planned for the Switch beyond the next few months, so if a Nintendo Direct presentation does air, hopefully it gives console owners a lot more to look forward to.

Source: Nintendo Today

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