New 3DS-Centered Nintendo Direct This Thursday

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Nintendo announces a new Nintendo Direct for this coming Thursday, September 1, 2016, that will focus all of its attention on the 3DS and its line of games.

The next Nintendo Direct will take place this Thursday, September 1, and Nintendo has been explicitly stating it will only be discussing Nintendo 3DS games. There was no mention as to what games the company had in mind, but there are a few that stick out as obvious choices.

One game that is certain to feature is Pokemon Sun and Moon, the newest entry into the Pokemon franchise releasing on November 18. Nintendo has been slowly trickling new information to the public, such as new Pokemon players can encounter, but this event could give them an opportunity to show off any number of things that can't fit into short promotional trailers. Also, it wouldn't be right not to announce new Pokemon at the event, so expect at least one.

Another big title that is right around the corner is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, in his newest mystery Spirit of Justice. While the series appeals to a more specific, puzzle-loving player base, its been popular with gamers since 2001 and this latest entry will be the sixth installment into the main series. It will be releasing next week, September 8, so the game could see a small promotional push at the upcoming event.

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Nintendo made a point to cut off anyone who might be thinking there will be a surprise reveal of the company's new console, making it clear that the Nintendo NX would not be shown or discussed at the event. The console will likely have its own event, where it can be showcased and presented with flair - though it's understandable to be anxious when exciting new games are being announced for the system. Given that the expected release date of the console is edging ever closer, the console will no doubt have its own Nintendo Direct at some point soon.

No one should expect anything from the new Zelda either, which is alright since Nintendo has been quite generous with Breath of the Wild content anyway. Even though there are plenty of details not yet revealed and at this point the story is a bit of a muddle, everything will make sense eventually when Nintendo dedicates a large amount of time filling in the gaps. Until then, fans can enjoy copious videos of the game being released regularly.

The news of this event came just hours after the new 3DS XL Galaxy model was unveiled, which is another nice addition to the lineup and another great cosmetic choice for gamers. The new model will be launching this week, seemingly to coincide with the event.

Folks looking for information on new 3DS games will want to tune in, but even those who aren't should check it out just to be abreast of what's happening in Nintendo's world. There are sure to be a few surprises.

The 3DS Nintendo Direct will air this Thursday, September 1 at 7AM PT / 10 AM ET.

Source: Gamespot

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