There wasn’t much competition for Nintendo and its firm grasp of the portable gaming market, that is until Apple started pushing into gaming with the iPhone and App store. Nintendo still felt Apple was not a threat just a couple of months ago, but the feeling has changed since Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, recently declared Apple an “enemy of the future”.

The vocalization of Nintendo’s potential nemesis is no doubt a reaction to the company’s recent downfall in sales, currently down 21% for the Wii and 12% for the DS to last year. It is also evident that they are starting to feel the heat from Apple’s iPad success, as well as their continued success of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Additionally, with the plethora of leaked information on the next gen iPhone, they may see the threat of what could be the next iPhone with upgraded hardware.

Apple’s app store also trumps the DS in regards to the amount of titles available. Although the quality of games may be up for debate, its no big reveal that the iPhone OS houses a good amount of free titles with hardware models that are comparable in price to the DS models.

With the Wii and DS having been out for awhile, they are starting to lose the sparkle of new and revolutionary devices. Knowing Apple refreshes their models every year, it will be interesting to see what Nintendo has plans on doing now that they view Apple as a true competitor.

What do you think of the next pair of technology/gaming rivals? Do you think Nintendo, or Apple, have anything to worry about?

Source: TUAW