10 Nintendo Cosplays That Are Out Of This Galaxy

Cosplay is an art form that originated in the 1984 World Science Fiction Convention, but the term cosplay was popularized in Japan. It is short for costume play. Most appear at events and in competitions, but Cosplay can also be practiced for fun. Naturally, many people work to create the most realistic cosplay outfits possible.

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The art form is practiced by millions around the world, and video games are a popular theme. As one of the big three video game console companies, it was an easy decision to compile this Nintendo cosplay list. Including characters like Luigi, Link, and Samus, these are 10 Nintendo cosplays that are out of this galaxy.

10 Breath Of The Wild

Including the Sheikah Slate, which may or may not be a case for a Nintendo Switch, this cosplay design has it all. It is one of the most accurate Nintendo cosplays we've ever seen. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is arguably the best Zelda game we've seen since The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It goes without saying that a tremendous amount of time and dedication went towards constructing this Link cosplay. Thank you, Holly Wolf, for this wildly breathtaking Breath of the Wild cosplay!

9 Mario And Luigi Cosplay

Most of the time, playing it safe with cosplay works. These designs are simple but effective. Modeled after Mario and Luigi, these two show great cosplay prowess. Fittingly, Luigi is the taller person, and Mario is shorter. Attention to fine details like Mario and Luigi's buttons make this display of cosplay stick out. What do you think? Did these two cosplayers knock it out of the park? Credit goes to Runikaf from DeviantArt for this cosplay. It goes to show that cosplay outfits can be simplistic and work well.

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8 Samus Aran: A Blast From The Past

Samus Aran's armored suit is one of the most difficult cosplays to create because of the armor. The most difficult cosplay to model after that might be Ganondorf. Putting aside which character has the most complicated design, this person did a remarkable job in relation to accuracy. She went the extra mile by including a loaded charge shot. Thanks, YouTuber NZO MV for providing this cosplay! Hopefully, when that charge shot is released, it doesn't leave a trail of destruction in its wake.

7 Captain Falcon Time!

Falcon punch! This photo of four Captain Falcon cosplayers is a nod to the Super Smash Bros. series since it the game's have different colored Captain Falcon costumes. Captain Falcon is a fast-moving hard-kicking character who is many people's favorite to play. Careful attention to detail ensured this cosplay hit the mark. Newly appointed President Doug Bowser would be proud of this cosplay. We miss Reggie, but it's time to move on. Which version of Captain Falcon is your favorite? Thank you Gamefan23 for providing this photo.

6 Super Mario Bros. Featuring Toad, Daisy, and Rosalina

Mario brothers, Toad, and two of Nintendo's most popular princesses (Rosalina and Daisy) make an appearance in the zany photo. The photo doesn't contain Princess Peach, but that's okay. They are wrestling each other, which isn't unheard of for the Mario Bros. to do. Toad will have to replace Princess Peach for now, but then again, maybe Princess Peach was taken by Bowser. She does seem to be kidnapped quite often. It's a jocular photo that doesn't require much explanation. Thank you user @captainpuertorico for this Nintendo cosplay!

5 Back To The Kingdom Of Hyrule

This picture-perfect cosplay is straight out of the fictional kingdom of Hyrule. Pointy ears, a necklace, and a green torso make this a realistic representation of Link from The Legend of Zelda. Although Mario is the mascot of Nintendo, Link could be more popular. The Legend of Zelda game series is a revered franchise that can sometimes outsell the Super Mario series. Regardless, this is a fantastic cosplay and one of the best Nintendo cosplays we've seen yet! Credit goes to Instagram user RI.Care for this Link cosplay.

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4 Jesse, James, And Meowth Are Blasting Off Again!

Although Team Rocket's enemies would say they are repugnant, many would agree this trio looks stunning. Yes, Pokémon is a part of the Nintendo family. Try not to hate Team Rocket for a moment and appreciate the artwork these cosplayers have done. Meowth looks more like a Build-A-Bear than a cat, but that's okay. As long as the cosplay looks realistic, it is on point. "Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light, Surrender now, or prepare to fight!" Thanks, Erica Jones from for providing this photo.

3 Starfox And Falco At Anime North 2012 Halloween

Cosplay is an art form that is up for interpretation. When it comes to Nintendo cosplay, there is a seemingly infinite world of possibilities. Cosplay outfits don't have to be realistic and it is encouraged for cosplay artists to be creative. For choosing two characters that are often overlooked, this cosplay photo of Star Fox and Falco Lombardi is incredible. For those who don't know, Fox is an ace pilot and is one of Falco is one of his friends. Both are from the Star Fox game series. Thanks, YouTube user NintendoTalkingToys for capturing this cosplay image.

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2 Twilight Princess Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a masterpiece that released for the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii. Nintendo has been slowly rolling out ports for the Nintendo Switch, so it's not out of the question for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to be ported.

Above we see a photo of the Twilight Princess, and it is a gorgeous cosplay. Attention to fine details went into this outfit. Credit goes to for providing this amazing photo.

1 A Team Of Pokémon Ready To Fight!

Excluding the plush Charmander sitting on the floor, there are six Pokémon ready for battle. This lineup of Pokémon such as Incineroar, Arcanine, Charizard, and Blaziken is one that would be fit for combatting the illustrious Elite Four. Even as standalone cosplayers, they each look fantastic. As a group, they look even better. Pokémon is a popular Nintendo cosplay theme, and these cosplayers knocked this one out of the park. Thank you Pinterest user Isabelle Andrews for uploading this cosplay!

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