New Nintendo Console Rumored to Support Blu-Ray

New Nintendo Console to Support Blu-Ray

Now that the gaming news world is abuzz with talk of Nintendo’s next console, many have begun questioning what improvements will be made to this successor to the Wii. One area that hasn’t been a key focus, but one that could have larger implications, is in the console’s supported disc format.

According to a rumor, this next Nintendo console could be using the same disc format as the PlayStation 3: the Blu-Ray disc. Unfortunately, as this is just a rumor, it is unclear if the talks of Blu-Ray are centered on the idea of this console being a Blu-Ray player or using Blu-Rays to play games off of.

After winning the high-def format wars back in 2008, the Blu-Ray has slowly made itself the higher-class option in media storage. Sometimes touted as being the only way to store larger scale games, the Blu-Ray would be a perfect option for this new Nintendo console to even the playing field.

Up until now Nintendo hasn’t had any problems with media storage, mostly because their console did not feature high definition graphics. If this next console does, which we assume it will, then Blu-Ray would certainly be the best option, but only if Nintendo chooses to go with what formats are currently available.

Though it might be a long shot, Nintendo could come out of nowhere and unveil a completely new disc format. If Nintendo were to create their own proprietary format — one that could potentially rival or surpass the Blu-Ray — they might be able to deliver more substantial content and accommodate some of their more ambitious endeavors. A new disc format could even be the first sign that Nintendo is trying to recapture those gamers who have looked down upon the Wii.

Of course, making this new console a Blu-Ray player and a game console is a very big draw to your average consumer, so we don’t expect Nintendo to pull an HD-DVD on us. Really, as long as the console is able to compete, gamers will be very interested in what Nintendo has to show at this year’s E3.

Do you think that Nintendo’s new console will utilize Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, or a new format? Would the ability to play Blu-Rays help increase the appeal of this new console or did that concept die out with the decrease in price of dedicated Blu-Ray players?


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