The 10 Best Nintendo Horror Games, Ranked

Nintendo isn’t traditionally known for pumping out and or supporting horror games. That said with the recent success of the Switch, nearly all horror-based developers are trying their best to get their grotesque gems onto the portable.

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Besides the Switch, a few other choice games come to mind in regard to other prominent Nintendo consoles. From the NES to the Switch, we ranked the ten best horror games Nintendo currently has to offer. Not all of them will scare, but we guarantee they will at least be fun.

10 What Remains Of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch is sort of a very basic and yet very diverse walking simulator. There are no super-challenging puzzles to block the way and the idea of calling this a horror game may make some laugh, but hear us out. Upon the death of her mother, Edith Finch returns to her childhood home to uncover the secrets of her entire family’s various untimely deaths. Through journal entries, players will relive these moments from turning into various animals to stalking a killer in the house. And because every story will end in death, getting there is a heart-sinking feeling of dread. It is unlike any game we can think of.

9 ZombiU

ZombiU was sort of a reboot and or sequel to one of Ubisoft’s earliest PC titles, Zombi. As a launch game for the Wii U, this aimed to be a Dark Souls-like experience, but mainly with zombies filling the streets of London who stalked players until their brains were firmly in their teeth. It is more challenging and frustrating than it is actually scary, but the setting is unique enough that we wanted to give it a shout out.

8 Deadly Premonition

The story and setting of Deadly Premonition is another situation where we wouldn’t exactly call it a frightful time, but it is an experience. Strange does not even begin to describe what players are in for. It’s as if Silent Hill went through a blender mixed with Twin Peaks.

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The bugs and glitches alone are probably scarier than the actual content, but because Deadly Premonition 2 was announced recently, we thought now is as good a time as any to finally witness what is The Room equivalent of video games.

7 Little Nightmares

Aesthetically, Little Nightmares is reminiscent of LittleBigPlanet. However, this is no delightful picnic. Think of it like that game crossed with something like Limbo. The creature creations can give Dark Souls bosses a run for their money in the creep department. For such a small title we were excited to see a sequel get announced. Since that is due out next year, like Deadly Premonition, we think it is an excellent time to give this a shot for some legitimate frights.

6 Outlast

Want to really make oneself scream? Play Outlast in the dark in portable mode on the Switch with headphones jacked in. We should give some fair warning though that one might actually throw their console in protest screaming, “Nope” as one of several horrors struts across the screen. Because this is a puzzle heavy adventure without any real way to fight back, it is a lot harder to digest for certain players. For those with a strong stomach, pick this up.

5 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Eternal Darkness, despite the graphics and control scheme not being exactly ideal in a 2019 gaming world, is still one of the most unique horror experiences ever produced. This GameCube exclusive has sadly never been ported to anything since its 2002 debut. The only thing close to its sanity effects are some Metal Gear Solid moments like in the second game where Raiden’s world seemingly starts to unravel. Only in this game’s case, these little moments are terrifying.

4 Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion may not have been as stellar as an opening number as a mainline Mario game would have been for the GameCube, but it was still a great idea. The mix of traversing a mansion and solving puzzles was straight out of Resident Evil with another big influence of the Ghostbusters thrown in for good measure. While fun, the long awaited 3DS sequel is the better of the two. Hopefully, the upcoming entry on Switch will be even better.

3 Dark Souls

Dark Souls, or any of these types of games, may not directly be associated with a Nintendo console. After all, the first game’s port is all Nintendo has received so far. Even though the game is older, it feels right at home on Switch. From dark castle grounds to haunted forests to bewitched caverns, there is plenty to send those nerves tingling with excitement. Being able to grind out levels on the go is an added bonus and don’t forget to pack that amazing Amiibo.

2 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

As good as the Silent Hill games are, let’s face it, combat has never been a strong suit. That’s why Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was such a good idea. It was essentially a reimagining of the original, but with all of the pesky combat turned off.

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What was left was a horrifying story about a father trying to rescue his daughter from the dark and demented town of Silent Hill. It boiled down this franchise to its creepy essence and aside from some clunky motion controls, it was fantastic.

1 Resident Evil 4

The GameCube was not a powerhouse by any stretch of the imagination. Unlike the PS2, it couldn’t even play DVDs. That is why the quality of Resident Evil 4 was so astounding. It is still the best looking game in the system seemingly using every inch of the hardware to make it all possible. Graphics aside, this reinvention of Resident Evil was just what the series needed, as at this point things were getting pretty stale. It remains the best game in the series no matter what system if it is played on. This is a must own for every horror fan and a tradition we love playing through every October season.

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