Fortnite is the biggest game in the world right now, having released on pretty much every platform available except the Nintendo Switch. Well, Nintendo’s portable console is not longer left out of the Fortnite party, with an announcement during their E3 2018 show unveiling a release later today.

This surprise release isn’t actually that much of a surprise, given that a datamine of the Nintendo Switch eShop leaked the game’s release yesterday. However, it’s nice to get the Switch version of Fortnite finally confirmed, giving many new players a way to experience the Battle Royale game, and many more experienced players a way to experience it on-the-go.

The Fortnite announcement, made during Nintendo’s E3 2018 show, came in the form of a trailer, which showed off the Switch version’s full multiplayer capability available to players just about anywhere with an internet connection. The trailer can be viewed below:

Unfortunately, despite a developer from Fortnite saying that complete crossplay is inevitable for the title, it seems that Sony’s stance against console crossplay extends to the Nintendo Switch, with players on the two platforms unable to play together. However, The Switch version of the game will allow crossplay with Xbox One, PC, and Mobile, so the pool of available players will be plenty large enough.

Fortnite‘s move to Switch makes complete sense. On Nintendo’s part, they have yet to secure any proper Battle Royale games on their platform to capitalise on the current trend, so having the biggest one in the world available for free is bound to attract some new players to their console. On Epic Games’ part, it has already proven that a port to Mobile can be done successfully, so it makes sense to offer players a higher-tech method of playing a portable version of Fortnite.

It will be interesting to see how Nintendo and Epic Games will collaborate on Fortnite for the Switch moving forward. As it stands, Sony have managed to secure plenty of exclusive skins and items for PS4 players, so it’s possible Nintendo may attempt to go a similar route as an incentive for Fortnite fans to move over to the Switch.

Fortnite is available to play from 10AM PT today on Nintendo Switch.

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