Nintendo releases its latest financial report to shareholders, revealing the massive world-wide popularity of Amiibo, as well as Splatoon and the 3DS.

While Nintendo is still struggling to sell Wii U consoles, Nintendo has managed to turn its financial situation around recently, partially due to the success of Amiibo. In a document released to Nintendo’s shareholders, Nintendo revealed that Amiibo sales don’t show any signs of slowing down.

In the financial document, Nintendo announced that the ever-burgeonining line of Amiibo figures have generated 204.1 billion yen (about $1.7 billion in USD) between April 1st and September 30th. 71% of the sales were generated outside of Japan, accounting for about 1.2 billion dollars. While Amiibo is Nintendo’s biggest success story, its other assets haven’t done too shabbily, either. Splatoon is Nintendo’s biggest game earner since May, selling 2.4 million units, and the 3DS continues to succeed, with 2.28 million units sold during the six-month period.

Nintendo execs have previously stated that they had no idea that the Amiibo line of interactive toys-to-life figures would be such a success. Thankfully, for fans and the company alike, Nintendo is open to change, as they’ve rescinded their plans to discontinue the majority of the figures after a single run. While Amiibo cards have become available for the recent Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer game, they’ve also decided to re-release out-of-stock Amiibo that are still in demand, rather than simply creating cards with the same capabilities. This decision has pleased a number of Amiibo fans, who collect them not just for their in-game capabilities, but their outward, physical appearances as figurines.

Splatoon Plaza Wii U

It’s also worth noting that Splatoon‘s success is remarkable, considering that Nintendo has still only managed to sell just over 10 million Wii U consoles. Given the numbers, that means about one in five Wii U owners also owns a copy of Splatoon. With additions and regular updates coming to Splatoon, that number stands to still increase, especially with the holiday shopping season on the way.

While some gamers still fail to see the appeal of collectible plastic figurines, there’s no argument that the Amiibo line has been a massive success for Nintendo. Considering that Nintendo has struggled to sell Wii U units, its decision to integrate the ability to use Amiibo into the New 3DS, as well as offering an adapter to use the figures with older 3DS and 2DS systems has helped to propel Amiibo even further. While the toys-to-life market is already saturated with Skylanders, Lego, and Disney Infinity, it doesn’t look like that’s going to stop or even slow down the Amiibo craze any time soon.

Source: Nintendo