Fan Creates Switch Docking Station Using A Nintendo 64

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The Nintendo Switch has been available for less than a month, but the reception to Nintendo's latest platform has been warm so far – so much so that the company doubled production of the Switch. Despite this, one issue that's been reported stems from the console's dock and its alleged ability to scratch the built-in screen of the console. These claims have lead to a number of fans revamping and reimagining the dock to better suit their living rooms and avoid scuffing their screens, and the results of these endeavors have been quite interesting to say the least.

For example, one fan 3D printed their own dock in order to bring a more modern look to the Nintendo Switch whilst connected to their television. That particular design was quite an applaudable feat, but another fan has taken to reddit under the username of tetzan777 to showcase the Switch dock they crafted out of the carcass of an old Nintendo 64 console. The end result is certainly impressive, with the gamer gathering over 13,000 up-votes as of this writing.

nintendo 64 switch dock

The dock is rather simple in its design, with tetzan777 opting to alter the hardware as needed instead of adding a bunch of new bells and whistles to it. One of the biggest questions readers are sure to have about the project is whether or not a functioning Nintendo 64 was sacrificed in order for this Switch dock to be realized. Much to the delight of Nintendo fans, tetzan777 confirmed that the 64 "was completely broken," with absolutely "no way to fix it."

Given that Nintendo actually pulled the Switch dock from its online store at one point, it's reassuring to know that they're seemingly so easy to whip up – at least for gamers like tetzan777. The popularity of the new hardware is sure to give way to a number of fan-made dock designs in the future, and there's really no telling what fans will do with the Switch's plastic docking station next.

Still, it needs to be pointed out that gamers hoping to see Nintendo 64 title on the Switch likely never expected to see the Switch on Nintendo 64.

The Nintendo Switch is now available.

Source: reddit

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