Fan Creates Awesome Nintendo 64 Mini Kit

For those Nintendo fans having trouble tracking down a super-popular NES Classic Edition console, there's now an alternative - albeit unofficial - solution to satiate your retro Nintendo gaming needs in the form of a Nintendo 64 Mini Kit.

Taking inspiration from the Big N's NES Classic Edition, an independent online seller of 3D printed items called Lindobox has crafted an awesome looking Nintendo 64 Mini Kit, which is available for purchase on Etsy and Ebay for those fans looking to get their retro Nintendo gaming fix.

While Nintendo's massively-popular NES Classic Edition can immediately be played by simply plugging it into a TV, this fan-made Nintendo 64 Mini is a bit more complicated as it requires an emulator and a Raspberry Pi computer board for it to work, and fans are required to supply and configure the emulator themselves

Having said that, though, the advantages of a setup like this is that there are far fewer restrictions, and fans will be able to enjoy things such as greater storage space and not having to deal with short controller cords like the ones on the NES Classic Edition. As far as fan-made products go, this mini Nintendo 64 console is quite an impressive looking kit, and fans will undoubtedly be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of having every classic Nintendo 64 game in one convenient package.


Since this is an unofficial product, Nintendo certainly won't be too happy about this fan-made mini Nintendo 64, especially since the makers are selling the product to consumers. However, the existence of this console may ultimately prove to be useful for the company.

Given that some fans have expressed interest in a mini-N64 console, should this fan-made mini Nintendo 64 kit spark up interest within the gaming community, it may well push Nintendo to announce an official N64 Classic Edition console at some point in the future.

With a SNES Classic Edition expected to launch before the end of 2017, it will be quite some time before Nintendo will release a N64 Classic Edition, if the company decides to make one at all. But for now, this awesome fan-made Nintendo 64 Mini kit is certainly an eye-catching way for fans to get their retro gaming fix.

Source: Etsy (via Destructoid)

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