Considering all of the hubbub surrounding news of a possible Nintendo 64 Classic console, it’s clear that many gamers still hold the platform in high regard. There’s no denying that there were plenty of wonderful games that arrived on the system during its heyday, so much so that many longtime fans often wish they could go back to the era that relied less on the likes of downloadable content and focused more on what could be included on-cartridge at launch.

Despite breakthroughs in time travel being few and far between, it appears that there’s a way that fans can revisit that time through the company’s original Japanese Nintendo 64 website. As many know, the system moved out of production in 2003 (although it technically halted in 2002 for residents of Japan), but the fact that the website has remained alive and well since this time means that fans can now reminisce as they scroll through pages featuring an older generation of gaming.

nintendo 64 classic mini edition patent

Despite the material being, rather expectedly, displayed in Japanese, the assets present on the webpage makes for a nice bit of browsing material for anyone familiar with Nintendo’s long defunct console. Games like Mickey’s Speedway USA, Pokemon Stadium 2, and even Banjo-Twooie are featured on the website, perfectly preserving a simpler time for the medium through their included screenshots and artwork.

As gamers continue to showcase their fandom of the Big N’s shuttered consoles through bizarre creations such as the Nintendo 64 Switch dock, it’s great to see that the firm isn’t so quick to pull the plug on some of its older domains and the content found within them.

Perhaps this site will change at some point in the near future, provided that Nintendo does indeed plan on resurrecting the N64 in a similar means as the forthcoming SNES Classic. For now, however, it stands as a portal for curious gamers to take a look back at the house of Mario’s third home console.

Source: Nintendo