Nintendo 64 Games on Your iPhone?

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Ever been on the subway or waiting in a movie theater and wished that you could play Mario 64? According to well-known hacker, ZodTTD, the ability to play Nintendo 64 games on the iPhone and iPod Touch may be available soon. The famed hacker is set to release a working N64 emulator for the most recent generation of Apple hand-helds.

Posting on his personal forum, ZodTTD reported that he is “currently working on a port of N64 for the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3rd Gen.”

He continues,

“So yes you may soon see N64 on your favorite Apple device. But I can’t promise it will run games top notch just yet, as things are too early to say. There’s hope though, with a 3D accelerated graphics plugin, as well as an ARM dynarec. If you have a previous generation device, I can use software rendering, but it will slow things down further, along with the slower CPU.

I’m somewhat light on details at the moment due to wanting to balance the hype. Things look good for this project though.”

According to ZodTTD, the emulator will be limited only to the iPhone 3GS and third generation iPod Touch because “they’re the fastest Apple handhelds in term of raw CPU performance” and “they both have a faster GPUs (Graphic Processing Unit) which allows for OpenGL ES 2.0 specifications.”

There was no mention of how, or when, the emulator would be available. ZodTTD asserted that there’s still a large kink to iron out, “Only thing I’m concerned about is currently software based controls.” ZodTTD should also probably be concerned about copyrights, as making use of the emulator, at least for most iPhone and iPod Touch users would require jailbreaking or other system hacks.

The technological application is certainly exciting, but the scope of the project is limited. Now, if the emulator could be certified with Nintendo’s approval, allowing me to legally obtain my favorite titles at reasonable prices, then I’d really be excited – I’m looking at you Mario Kart 64. Though, let’s be honest, there’s no way Nintendo would loosen their grip on these titles, especially because it would encroach on the Nintendo DS market space.

What game would you love to see on your iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch?

Source: The ZodTTD forum

Artwork: Enrique Morgan

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