N64 Emulator Removed from Xbox Games Store

Just a few short days since it was discovered on the Xbox Games Store, the Nintendo 64 app has been pulled and users can no longer download the emulator.

A Nintendo 64 emulator titled Win64e10 recently popped up in the Xbox Games Store, which allows users to play games from the old school system. It had only recently caught attention when its existence was revealed on Reddit, and then the news spread like wildfire.

The Nintendo 64 app itself was hidden in the marketplace, as it had not received Microsoft's approval, but could be accessed and downloaded with a specific search of the app's name.

Since our report yesterday, however, the app has been taken out of the store, which should come as no surprise to anyone. Whether it was a complaint from Nintendo, who is notorious for being overly protective of its properties or Microsoft itself is not clear, but it's a safe bet that Microsoft wanted to nip this in the bud as soon as possible.

The folks on Reddit have reported that the app still works for anyone who installed it, though, it won't receive regular updates anymore – which could pose problems if there are any bugs still left in the software. Those who do still have the app simply need to load in the rom of their choice and, voilà, Mario Kart 64 on an Xbox One. Anyone interested in seeing the process firsthand can check out this video.

This situation is likely due to the recent release of the Microsoft Windows Platform Initiative, which allows cross-platform support for any Windows-based device. The Nintendo 64 emulator, as its description indicates, was designed for Windows 10, but due to the update it could be played on Xbox as well. Surely Microsoft knew situations like this were bound to happen when the floodgates were just left open like that. At least, the company's speedy removal of the app indicates that it most likely did indeed.

Win64e10 might have been pulled, but that won't stop others from trying the same thing. Considering the popularity of this app, it won't be long before there are emulator imitators. After all, the Nintendo 64 did make our list of top 10 greatest video game consoles ever. But if someone really wants to ruffle Microsoft's feathers, they could release a PlayStation or PlayStation 2 emulator on the Xbox Games Store and see how long it takes Microsoft to take it down. Our guess is it will be a lot faster than the removal of the Nintendo emulator.

Source: GameSpot

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