Hackers Get Nintendo 64 Controller Working on Xbox One

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This year will be an interesting one for Xbox One users to say the least. Aside from a slew of blockbuster games arriving from third-party publishers, there are a number of worthwhile exclusives for fans to look forward to. One of the major games arriving this year is Rare Replay, which will give longstanding fans of the classic studio the opportunity to play through 30 different games from the company’s past.

Evidently, many of Rare’s best titles first arrived on the Nintendo 64, such as Banjo-Kazooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. This apparently got a few hackers thinking that they’d like to play through these titles once more using the same controller they first experienced them with – the iconic Nintendo 64 joypad.

The hackers in question are none other than Hyperkin’s Chris Gallizzi and Jesse Aragon, and they’ve managed to get the controller working on Xbox One. Setting aside a few technical hurdles (such as games requiring two analogue sticks to simply spin the camera around aimlessly), the gamepad seems to work quite well and would be a neat option for gamers that want an added dose of nostalgia.

Gallizzi admits on the YouTube video of the controller in action that it’s a very rough take on what he hopes the final version to be, as the controller only has basic function at this point in time. According to the hacker, “the wiring is still a little shotty so inputs get triggered randomly,” which is a major inconvenience for those hoping to use the controller without any unintentional repercussions or button presses.

Xbox One Nintendo 64 Controller

Given the strong connection that the Nintendo 64 controller has with many of Rare’s classic games, it’s a logical step to try to make the controller work on the Xbox One. Whether or not that works out remains to be seen, and even the hackers aren’t sure if they’ll be able to get the pad working flawlessly on Microsoft’s hardware, but it’s a cool initiative nonetheless.

Even if the oddly-shaped N64 controller never gets up and running without error on the system, Rare Replay is sure to instill enough nostalgia that fans won’t be too distracted by the input device they’re utilizing. With over 30 games included in the package and 10,000 gamerscore to earn, fans should have more than enough to keep them preoccupied during their trip down memory lane.

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Rare Replay arrives exclusively for Xbox One on August 4, 2015.

Source: Chris Gallizzi – YouTube (via Kotaku)