There’s still ample excitement surrounding the SNES Classic Edition which is set to arrive later this year, and it looks as if Nintendo may already be planning a followup to the miniature platform. According to the official European Union Intellectual Property Office website, Nintendo has filed a trademark for a number of controllers – including the NES, the SNES, the Switch, and most notably the Nintendo 64. Given the timing of this filing, some are speculating that this could be evidence that the House of Mario is already planning for a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition.

This is far from confirmed, but what may indicate Nintendo’s intent to resurrect the long dead remote is that it’s been registered under “goods and services” with the patent specifically mentioning a product that would interact with a gaming console. Given that old school controllers for the Super Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System – the same controllers that were recently brought back for their respective Mini system releases – are mentioned in the filings, it’s feasible to suggest that something similar is in the works for the N64.

nintendo 64 mini controller patent

Here’s a look at the image attached to the trademark.

Admittedly, the filing covers a wide array of different platforms for the trident-shaped peripheral to be used on (ranging from home consoles and handhelds to arcade machines), which could indicate that Nintendo plans on resurrecting its older remotes to be made available for the Switch’s inevitable Virtual Console titles. With that said, the success of the company’s other Classic Edition systems probably means that the trend of releasing them will continue.

If true, the N64 would provide Nintendo the opportunity to sell up to four controllers per unit, which no other Classic Edition has allowed for thus far. Of course, the games included would also be a major topic of discussion amongst consumers, as the system had a medley of titles that fans would love to see make a return.

For now, however, all of this will have to remain speculation until Nintendo official confirms such a product.

Source: EUIPO (via NeoGAF)